Diggin For Gold Vol. 2

So we are timewarpin it to the 1960’s and are stopping by the early “demented” garage R&B/Pop/Punk scene. Gold is to be found here on this album (especially “My Life” by Thor’s Hammer and “Moonshine” by The Marksmen). Booze will magically appear if you play this album extremely loud. It also a great introduction to many underrated bands that lived in the shadow of big names like the Stones and the Zombies. Another compilation of golden pleasures from the Diggin for Gold series. So whens the next acid party?


1. The Undertakers – (I Fell In Love) For The Very First Time
2. The Nameless – Life
3. The Moods – Cos Of You
4. Sound LTD Set – Sunside World
5. Group $oall – Will You Teach Me How To Love
6. The Torero’s – Come
7. Thor’s Hammer – My Life
8. Dat En Wat – Dead Man Blues
9. Thursday’s Child – I Want You Back
10. The Marksmen – Moonshine
11. The Beatniks – Can’t Be Sad About It
12. The Inn-Sect – Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need
13. Thor’s Hammer – Better Days
14. Dat En Wat – I Can Live Without You
15. The Rolling Beats – Don’t Ask Me Why
16. The Unforgettable Amnesiacs – Leave Me Alone

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One thought on “Diggin For Gold Vol. 2

  1. antinea says:

    well your blog is so so amazing!
    a pleasure to read 😉

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