Comix LP

Good luck trying to find any kind of info on this French synth pop duo Comix on the interweb. They had a song featured on BIPPP (French Synth Wave Compilation) that came out a few years back. And this is the only LP they ever released. The extravagance of early French synth pop is put on display here. Robotic synths, flanged out guitars, and vocals that sound somewhere between Kraftwerk and Devo. Futuristic pop and computer ballads….come see about Comix.


A1 Walkman Video
A2 L’Amour C’est Magique
A3 Le Jeu De La Vérité
A4 Touche Pas A Mon Sexe
B1 L’été De Mes 14 Ans
B2 Top Model
B3 Toi Et Le Petit Prince
B4 L’amour Gratuit
B5 Pomme D’api

I bet even the Mighty Orbots listened to Comix…

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