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Pearl Harbor is now….Puro Instinct

So it is official, LA pop duo Pearl Harbor now go by the moniker Puro Instinct. Not sure why the name change, maybe not to be mixed up with this Pearl Harbour, or maybe they felt Puro Instinct had more of a zing to it, whatever reason doesn’t change the fact that these two are getting better and better with each release. They are riding the same AM-pop radio wave as a lot of LA bands right now (lookin in Ariel Pink’s direction), not totally original but good pop is good pop. Check em out…


1. Can’t Take You Anywhere
2. Slivers of You
3. California Shakedown
4. I’ve Got Some Happiness (Leland)

Listen to track 1 below…

Also, they are now on tour, West Coast dates below:
Jun 19 On Again // Off Again party @ Showcave w/ Night Gallery & DJs Salem and Disaro guy in Eagle Rock, California
Jul 9 Echoplex w/ Haunted Graffiti y Magic Kids in Echo Park, California, US
Jul 10 Bimbos w/ Haunted Graffiti y Magic Kids in San Fran, California, US
Jul 12 Doug Fir w/ Haunted Graffiti y Magic Kids in Portland, Oregon , US
Jul 13 Neumos w/ Haunted Graffiti y Magic Kids in Seattle, Washington, US
Jul 14 Biltmore w/ Haunted Graffiti y Magic Kids in Vancouver, CA
More dates can be found HERE

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Girls At Our Best! – Pleasure

This was the only album released by the short lived post-punk outfit Girls At Our Best! They were from Leeds, formed in 1979 and burned out by 1982. Just as twee as the Smiths and as catchy as LiLiPUT, Girls At Our Best churn out the hits and never leave space for dull moments. Judy Evans choir-style vocals are always spot on and on tracks like “She Flipped” gives the band a more “fantasy” punk sound. The major jam on the record though is definitely “Politics”. One for the history books.


1. Getting Nowhere Fast
2. Warm Girls
3. Politics
4. It’s Fashion
5. Go For Gold
6. Pleasure
7. Too Big For Your Boots
8. I’m Beautiful Now
9. Waterbed Babies
10. Fun-City Teenagers
11. £600,000
12. Heaven
13. China Blue
14. Fast Boyfriends
15. She Flipped
16. Goodbye To That Jazz
17. This Train

Have a listen to “Fast Boyfriends” below…

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Stars of the Lid – and Their Refinement of the Decline

Dug this one out of the archives the other night and have been revisiting it since. The Austin,TX duo Stars of the Lid have been creating exquisite ambient soundscapes for over 15 years now. They are on the Kranky label, which is home to other ambient superstars Tim Hecker and Loscil. This particular album is from 2007 and showcases the groups shift from 4track style production to a “refined” crystal clear production. The songs are very discreet but will make you beam with euphoria. So if you are planning to sleepwalk on the moon, don’t forget the Stars of the Lid.


1-1. Dungtitled (in A Major)
1-2. Articulate Silences Part 1
1-3. Articulate Silences Part 2
1-4. The Evil That Never Arrived
1-5. Apreludes (in C Sharp Major) – [MP3]
1-6. Don’t Bother They’re Here
1-7. Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage
1-8. Even If You’re Never Awake (Deuxième)
1-9. Even (Out) +
1-10. A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(less) Process
2-1. Another Ballad for Heavy Lids
2-2. The Daughters of Quiet Minds
2-3. Hiberner Toujours
2-4. That Finger on Your Temple Is the Barrel of My Raygun
2-5. Humectez La Mouture
2-6. Tippy’s Demise
2-7. The Mouthchew
2-8. December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface

Here’s what Pitchfork had to say about the album:
Drone legends Stars of the Lid find their music drifting toward this rarefied place on their first album after an almost six-year absence. On first listen, And Their Refinement of the Decline seems a continuation of its beloved precursor, 2001’s The Tired Sounds of… It is again a double CD with about two hours of music; it uses a similar palette of violin, cello, and Stuart Dempster-inspired horns to augment the electronically generated drones. Song titles again refer to brain chemistry (“Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage”), altered states (“Another Ballad for Heavy Lids”), and the nuts and bolts of the music’s creation (Apreludes (in C sharp major)”). And yet, upon putting on Tired Sounds of… again for comparison, I see Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride have actually come some distance in the last half-decade. And the place they’re moving to is starker, quieter, somehow even more subtle, where the tiniest amount of sound information is put upon to do the greatest amount of work. Where Tired Sounds of… sounded genteel and stately next to the raw four-track feedback fests they’d started with (“Tape Hiss Makes Me Happy” summed up their debut nicely), it now sounds about halfway between their genesis and this album; “refinement” turns out to be the perfect word.

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Recyclopædia Britannica

In one of his earliest and best-known essays, Sergei Eisenstein described five types of montage, illustrating each with scenes from his own films. The first four types (metric, rhythmic, tonal, and overtonal), deeply influenced by Ivan Pavlov’s study of reflexology, were conceived to trigger distinct physiological effects in the viewer.

Now imagine if you will Eisenstein’s realization that inherent within this methodology was a collusion with the forces making life miserable for himself and his fellow countrymen. The development of his fifth type—intellectual montage—seems a natural conclusion for a troubled conscience such as his.

While intellectual montage generates humor in the hands of experts (Dusan Makavejev, Craig Baldwin), it’s best suited for works of high-minded intent (Eisenstein’s unrealized Das Kapital, Pasolini’s La Rabbia.) So what about other modes of construction, more aligned with the mischievous humor evident in Eisenstein’s drawings and familiar to his friends, but seldom on display in the films themselves? We would have to find the “lost” notebook in which he was seeking just that, formulating a sixth type of montage that deployed physiological means, but with entirely other ends in mind. Call it malapropic montage, the intentional violation of narrative continuity by inserting or assembling shots containing mismatched actors and actions into a cinematic sequence.

If Margaret Thatcher’s face launched a thousand punk bands, Vicki Bennett has for nearly twenty years been part of England’s defiant rear guard or, to use her preferred term, the “avant-retard”. Under the moniker of People Like Us, Bennett has shaken laughter loose from the most tightly-wound of listeners and, in more recent years, viewers. Putting things where they just don’t belong, her prodigious audiovisual output and stateside radio show on WFMU infuse the plunderphonia of John Oswald and The Tape-beatles with the British comic tradition in all its coarse and bawdy glory. Staying true to the principle of “share and share alike”, most of her musical and moving-image output is now available for free download through Ubuweb.

Her new video, Genre Collage, is currently touring the world as a live audiovisual performance. Produced with assistance from Tim Maloney, it relies less on the layered compositing of much of her previous video work and embraces hard cuts and classical editing syntax. Earlier videos such as Discovering Electronic Music (99) and The Remote Controller (03) drew extensively from Prelinger Archive material and other orphan ingredients, and yet achieved something far beyond the easy camp effects so common among the works of others that tap these sources.

The dark undercurrents and self-referentiality that course through the earlier videos are as strong as ever. But unlike those earlier pieces (or Bruce Conner’s A MOVIE, with which it otherwise shares strong ancestral ties), Genre Collage draws instead on narrative feature films for its source material––nearly 100 in all. Enter the Dragon commingles with the climactic shootout of The Lady From Shanghai; also appearing are Tobor the Great, The Poseidon Adventure, and plenty of Hitchcock. Peter O’Toole, O.J. Simpson, and Donald Duck are just a few of the many “guest stars”; Mary Poppins pops in as a harbinger of disaster.

Malapropic montage stands unwittingly as a testament to the power of Kuleshov’s experiments and, in turn, to the film grammar adopted by, if not invented, in Hollywood. The eyeline match especially is revealed as a nearly foolproof adhesive, and malapropic success might be measured by the degree to which adjacent elements that don’t belong anywhere near each other nevertheless stick.

Eisenstein had initially sought collision in the joining of two shots to complete a circuit and send a shock through the viewer’s emotions; later, his lost notebook seeks in malapropic montage a way of “of effectively circumventing the higher nerve systems of the thought apparatus.” Bennett, in turn, has taken Eisenstein’s montage collisions and refashioned them as bumper cars at a seaside carnival.
—excerpt from “In search of Eisenstein’s lost montage with Vicki Bennett” by Jim Supanick

See more at

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James Blake – CMYK

Recent superstar of the “post-dubstep” genre and United Kingdom resident, James Blake has been creating some of the most interesting new electronic music. And this EP showcases his ability to wobble and warp beats and samples from all kinds of genres, including 90’s era R&B…there are some Aaliyah samples in floating around in here. James Blake is young, but dude is well on his way of perfecting his own sound and style. The production and dynamics of the tracks are all over the place with start-stop drums, pitch-shifted vocals and bass from the 4th dimension. You have to check this one out.


2. Footnotes
3. I’ll Stay
4. Postpone

For a little taste, here is the title track…

And now the wonderful “Footnotes”

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El Guincho – Piratas de Sudamerica EP

It’s been a while since we last heard from island pop sensation El Guincho. He’s probably been feeding himself ideas and inspirations from all over, preparing for what’s next. And yes….new El Guincho album this fall. But in the mean time he’s collaborated with a few folks and has compiled an EP of cover songs for us to chew on. Well not covers exactly, but “re-interpretations” of South American traditional songs. This songs are a bit more laid back then those on “Alegranza”, but still pack that great beam of sunshine quality. This is a short one, but will be essential for the summertime.


01. Hindou (original de Orefiche y Valdespi)
02. Cuerpo sin Alma (tradicional)
03. Mientes ft. Julieta Venegas (original de Miguel Matamoros)
04. Frutas del Caney (original de Felix Benjamin Caignet)
05. Marimba ft. Adrián de Alfonso (original de Noro Morales y Miguelito Valdés)

Preview the track “Hindou” below…

And the track “Mientes”…

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Inch-time // Aurora 12″

Inch-time is Australian electronic musician Stefan Panczak, who lives in London, UK. He’s been putting out fantastic minimal techno records for over 5 years now. And this little gem came out in November of last year. It’s perfect for those 3am moonlit underwear dance parties. Or for those drives through Metropolis. There is something about minimal techno and the use of the most crisp clean sounds that make it sound like the music from the future. This short 12″ is flawless and will put you in a state of suspended animation.


1. Aurora
2. Crystal Visions
3. A Handful Of Dust
4. Suspended
5. Aurora In Dub

Listen to track Aurora below…

This guy also makes wonderful mixes…listen to his Jazz mix below.

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Ears in the Wall

The brain child of Josh Woods, a San Fransisco native who released a few songs under the moniker Ears in the Wall. I say… that if I had to typecast his music and put it in a genre I’d go with the Chillwave (or is it Glo-Fi) category. Mostly nice songs with pretty sounding arpeggios and super thick bass tones. I have a feeling it’s going to be many people’s summer of 2010 soundtrack or at least a soundtrack to an afternoon hash session.

Good times..

He’s another kid to look out for.

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The Notes – Songbook c21

Found out about this UK pop group while browsing the selections on the Felt Cat Tapes site. The Notes cover more of 70/80’s UK pop ground as opposed to their lo-fi synth driven labelmates. Wonderfully simple one-note guitar melodies over galloping bass lines fitted perfectly with vocals from dreamland. Their MySpace page sites Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, and Young Marble Giants as influences, and yup i would have to agree. And from what i can tell, The Notes are 3 people and a drum machine from Southampton, UK just starting out. Can’t wait to hear more from these fellows….


01 Those days, those nights
02 Awake
03 Porphyrias Lover
04 Nineteen
05 Nightmare
06 Bourgeois
07 Lying
08 Looking at the Son
09 Cult of the Hopeless
10 Dancing Shoes
11 Forbidden Fruit

And for a taste of Songbook…

And here’s two tracks that aren’t on the album…


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Guest Mix 15 // Filterwolf

Let’s start out this month on the right foot, we can do that with a new guest mix from German dance phenom Filterwolf. Besides making the freshest dance beats around right now, the dude is a talented DJ as well. He was kind enough to make us a mix of extravagant dance tracks that transcend dimensional boundaries and leaves you in a state of euphoria, ready for a decadent night.

here’s the tracklist:

    Claro Intelecto – New Life (Modern Love)
    Abe Duque – Hipocrisy (Process Recordings)
    Spektre – Descent (Respekt Recordings)
    Filterwolf – Love Code (Process Recordings)
    New World Aquarium – Trespassers (Delsin)
    Mirko Loko – Love Harmonic (Carl Craig’s Soundscape Remix) (Cadenza)
    Fluxion – Orpidoe (Resopal)
    Olibusta – La Pazz (Infine)
    Luciano Benz – La Leyenda Del Beso (White Label)
    Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie (Traum)
    Dirty Doering – Dr. Nagel (Bar 25)
    Spektre – Seeq & Destroy (Respekt Recordings)
    Filterwolf – Terra Tech (Process Recordings)
    Pantha Du Prince – Lay In A Shimmer (Rough Trade)


Check out Filterwolf’s new album Music from Tomorrow out now!



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