People Like Us & Wobbly – Music For The Fire

We have hyped the film skills of People Like Us before but this time around….the musical skills will be seen. In addition to producing amazing “recycled” video installations, People Like Us dabble in the art of sound collage bringing together a plethora of vintage sound bites. To my understanding the sample technique is referred to as “plunderphonics” which is where random samples are weaved together to create a whole new audio experience….kinda like what the Books do. Smart, but not too smart where it’s not smooth and enjoyable, these jams have definitely got it going on.

Here’s what PLU said about the album on their WEBSITE:
Strangely direct and evocative for an album assembled entirely from a patchwork of disparate sources and music both obscure and over-familiar, Music For The Fire comes with an illustrated lyric sheet which reproduces the countless sampled voices as a single if utterly schizophrenic text — a bedtime story that is wildly inappropriate for actual children. No reliable narrators, just the familiar and absurd, which on different spins of the disc might strike you as either maudlin, poignant or almost painfully hilarious. There is a way out of the maze, but it’s up to you to find it.


1. Fiction
2. Naked Little Girl
3. Sheep Laid Out To Dry
4. Partner
5. Okay
6. Giant Love Ball
7. Goodbye
8. Woman
9. Female Convict
10. Pick Up
11. Everyone Along
12. Hello
13. A New Baby
14. Fertile
15. Bad News
16. Understanding You
17. Pain

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