Sonido Martines

The afternoons are getting hotter and hotter and it’s becoming the perfect time to bring out the cumbia. And Sonido Martines’ mix Sonambulo Orientalista…perfect 20minute cumbia joyride. It’s a vinyl mix of straight Amazonian cumbia from the old days. The psychedelic era brought the demand for amplified instruments and that mixed in with folk traditions helped create some electrifying sounds. This mix is like a window into the golden age of cumbia. And if you like this, be sure to check out the Roots of Chicha compilation.

Here’s what it says about him on his MYSPACE:
SONIDO MARTINES is South America’s finest cumbia selector & tropical crate-digger. In his mixes cumbia rubs up against chicha, vallenato, dancehall, and hiphop, as well as latin urban beats from all over. He’s a tireless record-digger and a sought-after remixer, known for turning classic (& obscure) cumbias into dancefloor bangers. He based in La Paz, Bolivia, but travels travels widely around South America looking for records and DJing, especially in Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Check out the El Sonambulo Orientalista mix

And here is a remix with Fefe he did of a classic by Los Destellos….

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