Lagos Disco Inferno

One of the highlights from the neverending series of African funk/disco/rock compilations that have been making their way to the surface over the past few years. Lagos Disco Inferno will get you going like a dancing machine. Disco was worldwide in the 70’s and Lagos must have been on fire with these artists hanging around. It’s been fantastic to see the recent dedication to rediscovering lost classics….hats off to those who seek out good music. I like it

Here’s what Dusted Reviews had to say about the comp:
Lagos Disco Inferno is a triumph of a comp, assembling a wide range of disco and boogie sounds from a moment of riotously creative activity. The liner notes paint a picture of a post-war party of unprecedented proportions, “the era of sheer ecstasy,” and the music attests to as much. Here, disco is not the shiny, goofy crap that spawned “Disco Sucks” t-shirts and novelty records, but instead a wide-open canvas for profound body connections, a forum where dancing takes on near-transcendental qualities, where partying isn’t a distraction but a full affirmation of the deepest communal joys


Boogie Trip – Doris Ebong
African Hustle – Geraldo Pino
Bad City Girl – Grotto
Don’t Put Me Down – Pogo Ltd
Everybody Get Down – Asiko Rock Group
Boogie Train – Paradise Stars
Rover Man – Emma Dorgu
Boredom Pain – MFB
Take Life Easy – Christy Essien
Dancing Machine – Tirogo
Root – BLO
Hang On – Nana Love

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