Guest Mix 16 // Spectrals

In case you weren’t aware of who has been creating those wonderful melodies that have been emanating from Leeds this past year…’s Spectrals. Channeling 60’s era garage/surf rock, Spectrals produce perfected timeless pop. And Louis (man behind the curtain) was cool enough to get some of his favorite jams together for us to nibble on. Doo-wop, Jazz Standards, UK garage pop are just some of the genres swimming around the mix which gives us a keen sense of where Spectrals inspirations come from. Martin Scorsese should hire Louis to pick the music for his next gangster film, “Sonny Boy” and “Is It Asking Too Much” could have totally been in Mean Streets. Another essential mix…


1. You’re Gonna Hear From Me – Scott Walker.
2. Sonny Boy – The Berets.
3. Another Girl – Comet Gain.
4. Don’t Sing Love Songs – The Caravelles.
5. Spell Bound – The Twilighters.
6. I Don’t Need Your Love – Skrewdriver.
7. Oh, How To Do Now – The Monks.
8. Is It Asking Too Much – Jerry Vale.
9. Cheque Book – Dr. Feelgood.
10. Baud To Tears – The Verlaines.

Don’t forget, Spectrals have a 7″ coming soon on Slumberland Records and their full lenght LP “BAD PENNY” will drop later this year.

And just for kicks, listen to Spectrals do what they do below:
“Keep Your Magic Out Of My House”

“Leave Me Be”


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