Girls At Our Best! – Pleasure

This was the only album released by the short lived post-punk outfit Girls At Our Best! They were from Leeds, formed in 1979 and burned out by 1982. Just as twee as the Smiths and as catchy as LiLiPUT, Girls At Our Best churn out the hits and never leave space for dull moments. Judy Evans choir-style vocals are always spot on and on tracks like “She Flipped” gives the band a more “fantasy” punk sound. The major jam on the record though is definitely “Politics”. One for the history books.


1. Getting Nowhere Fast
2. Warm Girls
3. Politics
4. It’s Fashion
5. Go For Gold
6. Pleasure
7. Too Big For Your Boots
8. I’m Beautiful Now
9. Waterbed Babies
10. Fun-City Teenagers
11. £600,000
12. Heaven
13. China Blue
14. Fast Boyfriends
15. She Flipped
16. Goodbye To That Jazz
17. This Train

Have a listen to “Fast Boyfriends” below…

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