El Guincho – Piratas de Sudamerica EP

It’s been a while since we last heard from island pop sensation El Guincho. He’s probably been feeding himself ideas and inspirations from all over, preparing for what’s next. And yes….new El Guincho album this fall. But in the mean time he’s collaborated with a few folks and has compiled an EP of cover songs for us to chew on. Well not covers exactly, but “re-interpretations” of South American traditional songs. This songs are a bit more laid back then those on “Alegranza”, but still pack that great beam of sunshine quality. This is a short one, but will be essential for the summertime.


01. Hindou (original de Orefiche y Valdespi)
02. Cuerpo sin Alma (tradicional)
03. Mientes ft. Julieta Venegas (original de Miguel Matamoros)
04. Frutas del Caney (original de Felix Benjamin Caignet)
05. Marimba ft. Adrián de Alfonso (original de Noro Morales y Miguelito Valdés)

Preview the track “Hindou” below…

And the track “Mientes”…

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