The Notes – Songbook c21

Found out about this UK pop group while browsing the selections on the Felt Cat Tapes site. The Notes cover more of 70/80’s UK pop ground as opposed to their lo-fi synth driven labelmates. Wonderfully simple one-note guitar melodies over galloping bass lines fitted perfectly with vocals from dreamland. Their MySpace page sites Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, and Young Marble Giants as influences, and yup i would have to agree. And from what i can tell, The Notes are 3 people and a drum machine from Southampton, UK just starting out. Can’t wait to hear more from these fellows….


01 Those days, those nights
02 Awake
03 Porphyrias Lover
04 Nineteen
05 Nightmare
06 Bourgeois
07 Lying
08 Looking at the Son
09 Cult of the Hopeless
10 Dancing Shoes
11 Forbidden Fruit

And for a taste of Songbook…

And here’s two tracks that aren’t on the album…


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One thought on “The Notes – Songbook c21

  1. rp says:

    Hi Thanks for your early support of the notes. There is a new video for their jam from Songbook called “Nineteen.” You can watch it here:

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