Dara Puspita // A-Go-Go

Reminder: If you missed out on last years blog hype of Dara Puspita…pick this up NOW! Around this time last year this Indonesian girl group from the 60’s was all the rage in the blog world. Perfect for summer and with the recent flood of “girl bands”, the resurfacing of Dara Puspita made perfect sense. I’m not sure if this is the whole album, but these 8 tracks are flawless examples of 60’s garage soul.

Here’s what Garagehangover had to say about Dara Puspita:
Dara Puspita (Flower Girls) was Indonesia’s most successful girl band of the 1960s. While there were many popular female vocalists in Indonesia at that time, they nearly all relied on the services of a backing band. Dara Puspita was one of the few girl groups who actually played all their own music as well….they also had a reputation as a sensational live act, bashing away on their instruments, screaming out their songs and jumping up and down. Even though it was often hard to hear the songs through all the mayhem, audiences thought it was great and often joined the band to dance around on the stage.


1. A Go Go
2. To Love Somebody
3. Aku Tetap Sadar
4. Bhaktiku
5. Soal Asmara
6. Kerdja Kami
7. Believe Me
8. Kau Berdusta

For tastes…

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3 thoughts on “Dara Puspita // A-Go-Go

  1. eddy boer says:

    anyone who can up load the songs of dara puspita a go go………….in you tube,,,,thanks …….dara puspita is really the best group band between 1966 till 1970.

  2. eddy boer says:

    there is another song of dara puspita which is still i am looking for the cassette or cd. the lyric is: mengapa daku kini mengapa…….. mengapa cemburu……………..mengapa daku kini mengapa jawablah mengapa……..please help me to find the cassette or cd of that song… thanks a lot…………

  3. […] get enough Dara Puspita….here’s more. After a few CD reissues on the wonderful Sublime Frequencies label, Dara […]

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