Guest Mix 14 // Geneva Jacuzzi

And now for guest mix numero 14….Geneva Jacuzzi shares her Human Spider Mix. Geneva Jacuzzi has been making hits for a few years now and is from Los Angeles. And her latest album Lamaze is proof that she can kill it on the darkwave/electro funk tip, the album is superb! It just got released last month on Vinyl International (buy the album HERE). And we were lucky enough to have her collect some of her favorite musical specimens for our pleasure and it’s as stimulating as the “Orgasmatron” from Barbarella. She starts it off with a wonderful short track by Tangerine Dream which acts as the perfect countdown before you drift into a jungle of nocturnal bliss. Once you fly into Geneva Jacuzzi’s web of unforgettable jams, you’ll never want to get out.


This mix took a minute for us to receive, but mixes as splendid as this one are worth any wait…

Oops I totally spaced on the mix cuz I’ve been outta town. But I’m here at my parents house and I’ve got some cds so I just made you a mix, here’s the tracklist….for your ears to pleasure.


And just for kicks, here’s Kids Inc. covering “Peer Pressure”…yess

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