Rangers – Suburban Tours

Been listening to this record a lot lately, perfect soundtrack for those morning commutes on BART. Feelings of being in “Total Recall” come to mind while listening to it on the train. Rangers transmit their synth psychedelia from San Francisco creating these lo-fi visions of future Pop radio. The Bay Area has been holding it down on the music tip so far this year. The tracks “Golden Triangles” and “Glen Carin” are perfect for the soon to be revealed “space elevators” while others like “Deerfield Village” have that late night AM pop sound. If you’ve been diggin on Ducktails, James Ferraro, Matrix Metals be sure to check this out.


1. Deerfield Village
2. Golden Triangles
3. Bear Creek
4. Brook Meadows
5. Glen Carin
6. Out Past Curfew
7. Woodland Hills
8. Ross Downs
9. Bel Air
10. Dome City
11. Airport Lights

Buy the LP HERE


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