GET SMARTER: 60’s Instrumental Grooves from around the Globe!!!

Fun little mix of campy 60’s psychy instrumentals perfect for the midnight hour. Straight up mod organ bangers. This is definitely one for you crate-diggers and lovers of 60’s psych soundtracks from cult classics. It is diverse in the sense that the songs come from many different countries, but all the songs do have a similar TV-show-theme feel to them. Fast, upbeat; these fuzzed out nuggets aim to aim to get those smokey dancefloors shakin. Be sure to check out the tracks “Sleppin” and of course “Here Comes the Boat” which is like some sort of drunken 60’s fantasia.

Here’ some words from the album notes:
There really isn’t a better way to describe this super cool mix! Here’s 18 superb specimens from the ever-so-slightly weird & wild side of the 60’s: freaky go-go phased Hammond wig-outs, groovy party rave-ups, trippy psych weirdness and laid back lounge influenced funky pop jazz….


1. Isbergues 2 Am – Tony & The Mulestation
2. Freakout! – Les Merseys
3. Le Winston – The Nilsmen
4. Baseline – Beatstalkers
5. I Was a Persian Fly – Jerry Allen
6. Slightly – Slam Creepers
7. Sleppin’ – David
8. What D’i Say – The V-Rangers
9. Here Comes the Boot – The Johnny Harris Orchestra
10. Underworld – The Reg Guest Syndicate
11. Black Olives – The Bad Boys
12. Nightrider – Schroeder, John Orchestra
13. Archipelago – The Underground Set
14. Come On Back – The Wild Ones
15. Sweet Bacon -Julian Covey & the Machine
16. Pepsi – The Mohawks
17. Watermelon Man – The Artie Scott Orchestra
18. Pinball – The Van Doren Hawsworth

Get down like they do in The Wild World of Batwoman

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