Television Personalities – Mummy Your Not Watching Me

So this here is the second studio album recorded by the “part-time punks” Television Personalities. Their playfully twee sound is still apparent, but this album also shows the Personalities moving into a darker psychedelic post-punk territories. Songs like “David Hockneys Diaries” even have moments that could pass for some acid rock/atonal noise….like a damn Jandek record. But then by the next track “Painting By Numbers”, your back to reality riding your bike on a sunny day liking an ice cream cone. Pop experiments aimed to please. Television Personalities definitely weren’t one trick pony’s and this album proves it. So why not come travel with the Television Personalities? Some classic listening….


1. Adventure Playground
2. A Day In Heaven
3. Scream Quietly
4. Mummy Your Not Watching Me
5. Brians Magic Car
6. Where The Rainbow Ends
7. David Hockneys Diaries
8. Painting By Numbers
9. Lichtenstein Painting
10. Magnificiant Dreams
11. If I Could Write Poetry

And for a taste….


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