Guest Mix 13 // The Art Museums

And now…the return of the Guest Mixes! And with this one, drunken menageries may occur if played at the right time. For our 13th go-round, Glenn D. from The Art Museums is driving, providing the tunes to bring out the warm sunshine. Makes sense, seeing as how The Art Museums are fellow sunny Bay Area dwellers who create wonderful pop jems. Listening to their debut album “Rough Frame” may cause the same great feelings that come with listening to any great record from the likes of let’s say early Television Personalities…yeah some exquisite DIY pop. “Rough Frame” is fantastic, it was self recorded and released back in February via Woodsist (buy it HERE). And now Glenn has presented us with the perfect jukebox for those wonderfully hazy afternoon hangouts full of cocktails and ass wiggles. So why not let Glenn serve you up some classic UK pop, punk, with some wonderful surprises swimming about? And he was nice enough to include some words about each track….enjoy


Ok, I’ve included some footnotes…mix is best heard with marijuana & gin & tonic.

1. Society Party –Yellowman
yellowman vs. nancy reagan
2. Handsome Devil — The Smiths
Morrissey sings of groping a woman’s breasts over killer almost-punk bass-line…
3. You’re Not Blank — The Dils
the Everly Brothers of LA Punk…
4. I Just Get Caught Out (Demo Ver.)– The Go-Betweens
the best band ever in the history of time…
5. Tape Machine — Stephan
obligatory obscure genius Clean-related band…
6. Let Me Rock You Now — Lovejoys
8 minutes of pure bliss, notice the beautiful awkward tape splice in the middle…
7. I Guess I’m Just a Little Too Sensitive–Orange Juice
some people are in on the joke, some people just don’t get anything ever.
8. Relaxing in A Burning Car —Phantom Payn
discover phantom payn & 39 clocks & their sprawling catalog of genius ennui.
9. Frantic Romantic– The Scientists
I saw a beautiful woman DJ-ing this song at a creepy bar in the Outer Mission…I was in love for 2:47.
10. Elm Grove Window–The Clientele
the Clientele nailing it on their first CD-R way back when…

glenn d.

And be sure to mark those calendars because The Art Museums have just expanded their lineup and will be playing numerous West Coast shows coming up

May 20 – Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA
May 21 – Thee Parkside in San Francisco, CA
May 29 – Rickshaw in San Francisco, CA
Jun 7 – Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA
Jun 8 – Media Club in Vancouver, BC
Jun 9 – Holoscene in Portland, OR
Jun 10 – Jambalaya in Arcata, CA
Jun 11 – TBA in san francisco, CA
Jun 12 – Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, CA
Jun 15 – Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA

Check out their video for S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. below

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