La Düsseldorf – Viva

La Düsseldorf is the brain child of German Krautrock pioneer Klaus Dinger (Neu! and early Kraftwerk member). They only released 3 albums, this one being the centerpiece, all of which are fantastic. Their sound was more expansive than that of Neu! creating a wonderful world of its own. Their sound has been said to cause “a crazed cosmic Bavarian knees up” – shit yeah. With La Düsseldorf, Dinger had created what I would maybe call…fantasy punk rock (the track ‘Rheinita’ could totally be in The Neverending Story). And with this album, Dinger even brings politics into the picture.

Excerpt from album notes:
The year before the ‘Viva’ release, a national crisis-engulfed West Germany. 1977 became “der Deutsche Herbst” (the German Autumn) as the anti-capitalist Red Army Faction (RAF) attacked a US army base, kidnapped the head of a bank, murdered three police officers. A siege mentality gripped the whole country as Lufthansa flight 181 to Frankfurt was hijacked with demands for the release of RAF prisoners
Not an easy topic for West German musicians, artists and writers to address; any attempt at even the merest hint of debate about the socio-economic root causes of the RAF violence was to risk being accused by a deeply conservative media and public of sympathizing with bloodthirsty terrorists.
Yet Klaus Dinger shared the RAF disgust at the widening gulf between new money and the traditional working class, even if he rejected their violently misguided methods…And ‘Viva’ is his manifesto. 30 years on it still calls to us everywhere; to keep alive the countercultural faith; the anger, cynicism, idealism, love, compassion, humor, the sheer ‘joie-de-vivre’ of being alive.

Viva Klaus Dinger!


1. Viva
2. White Overalls
3. Rheinita
4. Vogel
5. Geld
6. Cha Cha 2000

Check out this live performance of ‘Rheinta’ with some interpretive dance…

And here’s Klaus Dinger (in white overalls) with Neu!

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