Various Artists // South Side Soul Volume 2

I’ve had this comp for a while now, I finally thought I’d share. I can’t find anything on this album at all other than it’s playlist. Anyways, mostly songs of tragedy and a few of love…all of them with SOUL! Perfect for the rainy weather that is in the forecast for tomorrow. I am yearning for continuous sunny days. Great piano, vocal combination’s, horn sections, and drum patterns make this collection of songs listenable from beginning to end. Stand out tracks for me are I’m So Devoted by The Epsilons, which is a happy upbeat love song, and the classic Desperate For Your Affection – The Caesars. Good times.

1. Lonely Eyes – The Pretenders
2. Take It From Me – Traci
3. Just To Keep You Satisfied – The Monitors
4. Wait Till I Get There – Tippie & The Wisemen
5. Never Could You Be – The Impressions
6. Chapel Bells Are Calling – The Insiders
7. I’m So Devoted – The Epsilons
8. Never Will I (Make My Baby Cry) – The Magnificent Seven
9. The Valley Of My Sleep – Alan D. Flores
10. (You Better) Go Now – Honey & The Bees
11. Hearts Were Made To Love – The Pretenders
12. Betcha Can’t Guess Who – The Newcomers
13. Maybe Tomorrow – Willie G.
14. And Now – The Jades
15. I’ve Been Trying – The Mayfield Singers
16. I’ll Take You Back – The Enjoyables
17. Desperate For Your Affection – The Caesars
18. I Don’t Want To Have To Wait – Barbara & The Browns
19. That’s A Good Reason – Sharon Clark & The Product of Time
20. Let Your Heart Be the Judge – God’s Gift To Women
21. That’s All – Allan D. Flores
22. I Wanna Be With You – Bobby Hill
23. We’ve Been Together – The Chicago Gangsters
24. You’ll Be Sorry – The Fascinators
25. I’m Still Waiting – Bob Marley



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One thought on “Various Artists // South Side Soul Volume 2

  1. Matt Gonzalez says:

    My man I cant thank you enough for posting this up here. Is there any chance u got the rest of this collection?

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