Nikki Sudden – Waiting on Egypt / The Bible Belt

Another gem that I picked up at Other Music in NYC. I’ve been a huge fan of Swell Maps for years now and somehow I’ve been totally oblivious to all of Nikki Sudden’s (singer of Swell Maps) solo albums. Well, that was the case until recently when browsing through Other Music’s slim but solid selections that I came across the majority of Sudden’s discography mixed in with the other Swell Maps albums. So on a whim, I picked one out of the bunch (a 2xCD) and proceeded to the front counter where the guy at the counter assured me that these albums were “fuckin great” and were the perfect starting point for Nikki Sudden. These 2 albums display Nikki Sudden taking leaps in his songwriting capabilities, drawing from the likes of T Rex, Syd Barrett, and maybe even the Stones. Thank you Other Music worker…


DISC 1 (Waiting on Egypt)
1. Back To The Coast
2. Knife My Heart
3. Still Full Of Shocks
4. I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys
5. Stuck On China
6. Channel Steamer
7. Ringing On My Train
8. Curfew Island (The Low Bridge)
9. Fashion Cult
10. Forest Fire
11. New York
12. Johnny Smiled Slowly
13. All The Gold
14. Back To The Start (bonus track)
15. Waiting For The Siege (bonus track)
16. Looking Out (bonus track)
17. Redlands (bonus track)
18. Opium Pits (bonus track)
19. Act Together (bonus track)

DISC 2 (The Bible Belt)
1. Gold Painted Nails
2. English Girls
3. Cathy
4. Chelsea Embankment
5. Bethlehem Castle
6. The Road Of Broken Dreams
7. Six Hip Princes
8. Out Of Egypt
9. The Angels Are Calling
10. Missionary Boy
11. The Only Boy In Heaven
12. Cheyne Walk (bonus track)
13. Gold Painted Nails (vocal)
14. Six Hip Princes (version)
15. Missionary Boy (NS vocal)
16. The Angels Are Calling (instrumental)

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