Donkey Skin (Peau d’Ane)

“Children do not marry their parents.” In the fairy tale Blue Kingdom, beloved monarch Jean Marais grants his dying queen Catherine Deneuve’s last request: if he remarries, it must only be to a princess even more beautiful than herself. But the only one who fits the bill is his own daughter (Deneuve again), who tries putting him off with seemingly-impossible demands: dresses that rival the sun and the moon and “the color of the weather,” and then — the absolute limit — the skin of the kingdom’s treasurer, a donkey that poops gold and jewels. But just as it looks as though Mother Goose will go Freudian, it’s Deneuve’s ultra-chic fairy godmother Delphine Seyrig to the rescue, airily lending out her magic wand (“I’ve got a spare”) and then whisking Deneuve, disguised as malodorous scullion “Donkey Skin,” to the neighboring Red Kingdom. Still to come are a crone who spits frogs, a talking rose, a singing parrot, a cat and bird bal masqué (complete with an orchestra of mice), a one-size-fits-one ring that will determine the fate of charming prince Jacques Perrin, and the most insouciant of wrap-ups. Exquisite. . . the film lasts in the memory, because it gives pleasure. – Stanley Kauffmann of Film Forum

A Fantasy French Pop Musical….what more could you ask for?

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