Cosmetics // Soft Skin 7″

After seeing Cosmetics fail due to sound complications I felt obligated to buy their new 7″. I am really glad that I did, nothing better than moody dance songs with too much reverb and delay on the vocals. Pretty much what I need to hear after a few joints. The synth and drum programing are on point pretty minimal at times but all around good stuff.

Here is what Part-time Music had to say:

Another 7” from my Capture Tracks five-pack, Vancouver duo Cosmetics’s Soft Skin was the biggest surprise in the bunch. Going from not knowing anything about the band beforehand to instant fan after the needle raised on the A-side, the group’s seductive minimalist dance music is good enough to hook anyone after one listen.

With S&M tinged titles “Soft Skin” and “Black Leather Glove”, it’s no surprise that sex plays a role in the music. However, instead of using not-too-discreet Prince-like references to “the act”, the Cosmetics’s approach is more indirect and a lot more subtle — with the sensual feeling being mostly set by the tone of the music rather than sexually explicit lyrics. With a throbbing electro-bassline and bare-bones percussion reminiscent of The Raveonettes’s “Aly Walk With Me”, no doubt both tracks on the 7” could easily fit into a DJs rotation at one of those crazy underground dance parties where pretty much anything goes.

Track List
black leather gloves
soft Skin


Here is a video clip I took of them playing at 21 Grand…

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