Stax of Funk Vol 1-The Funky Truth

I came across this gem of a compilation the other day and it’s been playing continuously. Memphis based Stax Records is known for the likes of Booker T & the MGs, Ottis Redding, and the song writing skills of Issac Hayes, this collection of tunes features a lot of the unfamiliar B artist from their catalog. My favorite off of this comp is a grimey sounding tune called Funky Hot Grits by Rufus Thomas. Call and response vocals, some killer bass licks, and Rufus’ laugh makes this tune a stand out.

1. Do Me – Jean Knight
2. Patch It Up – Roy Lee Johnson
3. Turn Your Damper Down – Rufus Thomas
4. She’s My Old Lady Too – Lee Sain
5. Movin’ Dancer – Bobby Holley
6. Brothers And Sisters (Get Together) – Kim Weston
7. Running Out – Mable John
8. Slipped And Tripped – Sweet Inspirations
9. Watch The Dog That Brings The Bone – Inez Foxx
10. I’ll Kill A Brick (About My Man) – Hot Sauce
11. Man Never Knows – Chris & Shack
12. Eli’s Pork Chop – Little Sonny
13. Sock Soul – Bar-Kays
14. Grab A Handful – Art Jerry Miller
15. Broadway Freeze – Harvey Scales
16. Funky Hot Grits – Thomas, Rufus
17. Hoppin’ John – Melvin Van Peebles
18. Dryer – Roy Lee Johnson
19. Getting Funky Round Here – Black Nasty
20. Life Is Funky – Round Robin Monopoly
21. Who Is She (And What Is She To You) – Soul Children



One thought on “Stax of Funk Vol 1-The Funky Truth

  1. phil says:

    hi there – just found your site – good stuff all round! any chance of reposting track 13 from this comp, as it’s messed up? many thanks

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