Destroy That Boy! more girls with guitars

Josh here….So I haven’t been doing my part in updating the blog for about 3 weeks and it’s time for me to start pickin up my slack. Thumbs up to Mike for keepin up the blog and let’s not forget J Bogus for his help keepin things moving as well. I took a trip to NYC (1st time visitor) and roamed around for week going to shows and galleries…seein the sights. Went to the amazing Other Music and picked up a few items, some of which will make an appearence on the blog this coming week. And for Round 1, I present you with this rockin’ compilation of all-girl garage bands. The 60’s garage sound is perfect for this pre-Summer season…..ahhh Sunshine Time, “You Turned My Head Around” was reason enough for me to purchase this comp.

Here’s some words from the album notes-
“DESTROY THAT BOY!” is the sequel to our “Girls With Guitars” collection of 2004. As with its preecessor, the focus is on all-girl bands of the 60’s – greet New York’s very chic What Four, the guitar-wielding She Trinity, Merseyside’s very own “female Beatles” the Liverbirds, the rockin’ Debutantes and the Feminine Complex – and female groups and soloists who recorded in the required “garage girl” style, but this time with more of an internantional flavour. And yes, that the THE Ann-Margret’s name you see on the track list.


1 The What Four – I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
2 The Starlets – You Don’t Love Me
3 Raylene and The Blue Angels – Shakin’ All Over
4 The She Trinity – He Fought the Law
5 Toni McCann – No
6 The Liverbirds – He’s Something Else
7 Beverley Jones – Hear You Talking
8 The Debutantes – Shake a Tail Feather
9 The Fondettes – The Beatles Are in Town
10 Project X – Don’t You Think It’s Fine
11 Ann-Margret – It’s a Nice World to Visit (But Not to Live In)
12 Sharon Tandy – Hold On
13 Karen Verros – You Just Gotta Know My Mind
14 Ann-Margret – You Turned My Head Around
15 The Feminine Complex – I’ve Been Workin’ on You
16 The Girls – Here I Am in Love Again
17 The Termites – Tell Me
18 The Liverbirds – Talking About You
19 The What Four – Baby, I Dig Love
20 The Feminine Complex [as The Pivots] – (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone
21 The Liverbirds – He’s About a Mover
22 Cheryl & Pam Johnson – That’s My Boy
23 The Lady Bugs – Fraternity, USA
24 The She Trinity – Climb That Tree

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One thought on “Destroy That Boy! more girls with guitars

  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for posting this up! Kind of blowing my mind right now.

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