The Zombies – Begin Here

Time to put down your copy of Odessey and Oracle and get your Zombies fix with this album for a change. The British Invasion would not have been the same without those Pop-masters that were The Zombies. Begin Here was proof that The Zombies could swim in the same pool with the likes of The Beatles and The Kinks. Wonderful harmonies and acapella’s roam these 31 tracks (13 of which are bonus tracks). The Zombies obviously had more than just psychedelia up their sleeve. Come see about The Zombies


1. Roadrunner
2. Summertime
3. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
4. Way I Feel Inside
5. Work ‘N’ Play
6. You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
7. She’s Not There
8. Sticks and Stones
9. Can’t Nobody Love You
10. Woman
11. I Don’t Want to Know
12. I Remember When I Loved Her
13. What More Can I Do
14. I Got My Mojo Working
15. You Make Me Feel Good
16. Leave Me Be
17. Tell Her No
18. She’s Coming Home
19. I Must Move
20. Kind of Girl
21. It’s Alright with Me
22. Sometimes
23. Whenever You’re Ready
24. I Love You
25. Is This the Dream
26. Don’t Go Away
27. Remember You
28. Just Out of Reach
29. Indication
30. How Were We Before
31. I’m Going Home

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