V/A “Mitten Ins Ohr”

Another dose of German psych-rock obscurities. Recently the combination of ‘being high’ and ‘Amoeba Music’ has made coming home without a psychedelic compilation damn near impossible. They design these crazy awesome covers knowing full well that anyone who browses through the “Psych-Rock” section is most likely stoned. It’s so easy to be fooled by good artwork, but this time I lucked out again. This is a wonderful appetizer of the German Krautrock-scene. Time to explore.


1. Witthüser & Westrupp – Orienta
2. Jerry Berkers – Es wird morgen vorbei sein
3. Hölderlin – Requiem für einen Wicht
4. Limbus 4 – Dhyana
5. Gila – Aggression
6. Wallenstein – Relics of Past
7. Floh de Cologne – Hey Hallo Stift
8. Guru Guru – Electric Junk
9. Limbus 4 – Heiku
10. Popol Vuh – Aquirre I
11. Mythos – Oriental Journey
12. Bröselmaschine – Lassie
13. Emtidi – Träume
14. Witthüser & Westrupp – Die Schlüsselblume
15. Floh de Cologne – Wir werden immer mehr
16. Annexus Quam – Osmose
17. Anima – How to Dream
18. Guru Guru – Der LSD-Marsch

And for a taste…

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