Rally Against the Cuts to Education

All across California, education is under attack. Schools are closing. Teachers and staff are being laid off. Fees are skyrocketing as financial aid is being cut. Classes are being canceled and hundreds of thousands of students are being turned away from colleges. Entire programs and electives are being eliminated. Public education is being destroyed. A quality education has become something only the very rich can afford.

And coming from Sacramento, all we hear are cries of more budget deficits, more cuts to education, and an overall deepening of the attacks.

It is time to say enough is enough! California is the wealthiest state in the country; its economy is ranked in the top ten of the entire world. It is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. There is more than enough wealth in California to fully fund education.

In order to stand up to these attacks and demand a quality education for all, we all must come together — students, teachers, workers, parents, from all levels of education, K-12 through the universities. Everyone in the state has a stake in education. If we can come together and organize our power collectively, we have the forces and the numbers to launch a movement across the state to stop these attacks and win quality education for everyone.

Most people in California are being affected by these attacks. We all know people who work in education, who are students, or have kids or neighbors or relatives who are in the California educational system. Our task is to talk to them, organize meetings, share information, start an organizing group at your school, your workplace, your neighborhood.


March 4th, 2010 was the first step and I was out there in solidarity with the teachers, parents, students, and other member of the community to help get this issue noticed. There was plenty of great speeches and and informative hand outs being passed around. I got some interesting photos and video clips. I compiled them for a new addition to the rarely updated video collage section of the blog….


for more information about the cuts to education check out against the cuts!

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