Fool’s Paradise

It’s Friday Friday Friday. Y’all know what that means, another installment of our short wave transmission radio show that we do every week. Be sure to tune in today to hear what we have in store for you! Last week we had an informative show where we talked about Chinese Hackers, the movie Avatars effect in other countries, and gave praise to the Community Rejuvenation Project who goes around beautifying the grimy neighborhoods of Oakland.

Here is the playlist….

Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
Soul Particles // Take
Mingus And Pike // The Ruby Suns
CODE // Jose James
I’m Never Gonna Tell It // Funkadelic
Freddie’s Dead // Curtis Mayfield
France Gall/Laisse Tomber Les Filles Various Artists
36 _02 deshominisation (i) (FILL MUS
Orion’s Belt Buckle // Free the Robots
Cosmic Disco cosmic Rock Excerpt two
Rampage // Whitefield Brothers
Cooley High // Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Ritmo de Juventud (Orion Edit) // orion
Unknown Cumbia Track
Third Man Theme (FILL MUSIC) // Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley
Island Girl // Chase N. Cashe
Moscow 1980 // Javelin
Gold Bricks, I See You // Mosca
Yaylalar // Selda
Détective // Medikao
Rough Frame // The Art Museums
Violin Fill Music // Optimo
Hackers // sophisticated and braisen
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless {FILL MUSIC} Infinite Body
power grids // Hackers
go our seprate ways…health care! HEALTH Care
Visions Of Trees // Through The Trees (fill music)
anti goverment anarchist // Hackers
Vapor Trail (fill music) // Crystal Antlers
Dirty // Acid Eater
Space Woman // Herman’s Rocket
I Wanna Hold You // Charles Albright
Moi je joue // Brigitte Bardot
Upright Citizen // Crass
Jackin’ For Beats // Ice Cube
Transistor (fill music) // Kraftwerk
Neu! // After Eight
I Can’t Make Up My Mind // The Zombies
Vincent Price // Purple Snow
Desert Of Colors // Screen
Persona La Ave // Beache 2
Lighthouse (Youandewan Dub) // dOP
Morgan // Cloud Nothings
Twenty-Nine( fill music) // Pillowdiver
Raincry (Submerged) // God Within


Be sure to tune in today from 1:30 to 4:00 pm on Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 or stream it online from their site….


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