Midnight Massiera

What went on in Jean-Pierre Massiera’s mind…no one knows. He provided an excellent alternative to those happy pop/rock groups that dominated the late 60’s and 70’s. He’s been affiliated with countless bands and the monikers are never ending and yet JP Massiera’s releases are still as hard to find as ever. But last year Finders Keepers released a wonderful compilation highlighting the man’s many many projects, and it’s an excellent introduction to JP Massiera’s world. Listening to this comp is like watching El Topo or The Holy Mountain for the first time.

Here’s what Bookmat had to say:
Jean-Pierre Massiera has often been described as the French Joe Meek and has long been high up on many a crate-diggers shopping list, but these 18 tracks are truly a revelation, veering from early-electronic style experiments through to insane African mutations, psychedelic patchworks, fuzz-funk, spooked-surf, interplanetary-prog and back again for one of the most engrossing and entertaining 50 minutes you can imagine.


1. Visitors – Visitors
2. S.E.M. Studios – Ivresse des Profondeurs
3. Jesus – L’Electrocute
4. Les Chats – Bizarre
5. The Starlights – Mao Mao
6. Basile – Itubo Del Anno
7. Chico Magnetic Band – Pop or Not
8. Les Maledictus Sound – Kriminal Theme
9. Jesus – Songe Mortuaire
10. Basile – Engins Bizarres
11. Human Egg – Onomatopaeia
12. Les Mon̩gasques РPsychose
13. Chris Gallbert – Sing Sing
14. Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman
15. The Piranha’ Sounds – La Turbie Pirhanienne
16. Atlantide – Egg
17. Les Maledictus Sound – Inside My Brain
18. After Life – Sevret La Vielle Dame

I think Matias Aguayo has taken notes from Human Egg

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