Can you dig it? The music and politics of black action films 1968-75

Living in Oakland it’s hard not to be influenced by African American culture, I read up about this album a couple months back and picked it up recently. Oh my, this shit is spectacular. Soul Jazz does it again with this compilation of greatness which features artist like Curtis Mayfield, Issac Hayes, Roy Ayers, and even the great Marvin Gaye. The uplifting and positive vibe of this album is unmatched, full of soul and a dash of funk, pretty much all you need to boogie down.

From souljazz:
The Black Action Films of the early 1970s gave the Hollywood industry its first African-American cinema – actors, directors, cameramen, editors and writers. These films discussed aspects of the African-American experience in the form of entertainment. Storylines interwove post-civil rights revolution with action stories, many involving pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers or private detectives.

In the early 1970s, Black Action Films exploded into the cinema with three extremely successful films – ‘Shaft’, ‘Super Fly’ and ‘Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song’. The most profound statement of these films was their actual existence – black actors and black directors entering the previously closed Hollywood film industry.

Black Action Films were a representation of politically everything that had gone before and stylistically of everything that was current. Civil rights, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Black Power, Black Panthers, Vietnam sit alongside the criminal worlds of policemen, private investigators, bail bondsmen and the criminals, drug dealers, pimps and hustlers that they parole.

1. Roy Ayers – Coffy (Coffy)
2. Gene Page – Blacula (Blacula)
3. Johnny Pate – Shaft in Africa (Addis) (Shaft in Africa)
4. Willie Hutch – Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Mack)
5. Don Costa – Soul of Nigger Charley (Soul of Nigger Charley)
6. Marvin Gaye – T Plays it Cool (Troubleman)
7. Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street (Across 110th Street)
8. J.J. Johnson – Willie’s Chase (Willie Dynamite)
9. James Brown – Down and Out In New York City (Black Caeser)
10. Quincy Jones – They Call Me Mister Tibbs (They Call Me Mister Tibbs)
11. JJ Johnson – Keep on Movin On (Willie Dynamite)
12. Dennis Coffy – Black Belt Jones (Black belt Jones)
13. Curtis Mayfield – Freddie’s Dead (Super Fly)
14. Blackbyrd’s – Wilford’s Gone (Cornbread, Earl and Me)
15. Willie Hutch – Foxy Brown (Foxy Brown)
16. Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run (Three Tough Guys)

1. Isaac Hayes – Shaft (Shaft)
2. Joe Simon – Theme from Cleopatra Jones (Cleopatra Jones)
3. Roy Ayers – Aragon (Coffy)
4. Gordon Staples – All Strung Out (Mean Johnny Burrows)
5. Brer Soul & Earth, Wind and Fire – Sweetback’s Theme (Sweet Sweetback)
6. Johnny Pate – Truck Stop (Shaft In Africa)
7. James Brown – Make It Good to Yourself (Black Caeser)
8. Isaac Hayes – Pursuit of the Pimpmobile (Shaft in Africa)
9. Edwin Starr – Easin’ In (Hell Up In Harlem)
10. Don Julian – Lay it On Your Head (Savage)
11. Gene Page – The Bus (Cool Breeze)
12. Grant Green – Travelling to get Doc (The Final Comedown)
13. Impressions – Make A Resolution (Three The Hard Way)
14. Nat Dove and the Devils – Zombie March (Petey Wheatstraw)
15. Booker T and MG’s – Time Is Tight (Uptight!)

Here is the trailer to one of my new favorite movies COFFY….Seeing this is a must!

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One thought on “Can you dig it? The music and politics of black action films 1968-75

  1. joshua says:

    you’ve been posting some amazing comps, tumbele, disco, psychedelic, soundtrack funk, keep it up!!!

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