The Psychedelic Salvage Company Volumes 1 & 2

This is a strange one. And if you are in dire need of an epic psych-garage fix, this will be right your alley. I bought this one on a whim (mainly due to the artwork) and I must say…fuzzy satisfaction like swimming in a pool of feedback and wah wah’s. There is definitely a time and a place for these compilations, but when that time comes be ready to dive into the obscure void that is Psychedelic Salvage Company. Psychedelics recommended…obviously.

Here’s what Dusty Groove had to say:
Fringe psychedelia from the deepest darkest caverns — a 2CD set of salvaged strangeness and trippy sounds from the Psychedelic Salvage Company! This is some of weirder sounds in the psyche spectrum, with an underlying groove that keeps it all better described as psychedelic than experimentalist — but a wild mix of feedbacky waves of guitar, vocals that range from folkish to flat out gonzo, and songs that roll from acid rock to tripped out jazz rock and beyond. Compiled from rare acetates, private pressings, and other hard-to-find sources.


Disc One
1. Elastic Landlady – Toby Jug
2. Genesis – The Roland Kovac Set/Roland Kovac
3. Just Another Journey – Peggy’s Leg
4. Closing in on Me – Out of Darkness
5. Horse – Sam Gopal
6. Prayer to St. Peter – Nick Carter
7. Tomorrow – Team Dokus
8. Mascot – Castle Farm
9. Heavy Switch – Purple Scurf
10. No One to Blame – Ptolomy Psycon

Disc Two
1. Guru – The Roland Kovac Set
2. Agape – Narnia
3. Sabre Dance – Peggy’s Leg
4. 60 Million Megaton Sunset – Team Dokus
5. Toke Joke – Oswald Slagge
6. Back Door Man – Sam Gopal
7. Azreal – Ptolomy Psycon
8. Birth of a Saint – The Roland Kovac Set

And while we’re on the subject of weirdness…

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