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Hooves // Greater aspirations, Lowered expectations

I love me some good old fashion Rock and Roll. This ep is definitely that, an album to drink and sing along to. Fantastic drumming and guitar licks, along with a motherfucking trumpet player. All the bases are covered with this one. They are touring in June to promote this EP, so be sure to check and see if they are playing a city near you. Anyways, I have fond memories of hangin out with Andrew Krissberg and Chris Lamb from Hooves, drinking way too much whiskey and watching Happiness. Andy would be playing his acoustic guitar and singing, while Chris and I would be reading up on Abby Hoffman while smoking joints. Good times.

Here’s what Anjali Records had to say:
If fun had a sound track this would be it. The keys, the trumpet, the unison singing, the vibrato in the sing-it-like-you-mean it vocals push you way past go. The drums crave to be danced to. The songs are catchy with lots of fun surprises like trumpets, changing up the guitar or keyboard half way through the song. Its drinking music for those who like to yell and dance at the same time. (I bet you are bobbing your head or tapping your finger right now… and thinking about belting out the words next time you hear the song).

So let’s see. Man Man and Tapes ‘N Tapes are line dancing at a college hoe down chaperoned by The Rolling Stones; when all of a sudden Neutral Milk Hotel jumps in with the fruits (PBR) of a much anticipated beer run.

Stream and Download the album here…

Here’s some amateur video of them playing Modified Arts in Phoenix, Arizona..

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Ceephax Acid Crew // United Acid Emirates

The sun is out…. It’s time to break out the electronic music. I bought this one mostly for the album cover but it turns out the dude is a mad man with his electronic manipulations and syncopated rhythms. Mostly music for astral traveling in dream land, space exploration, and midnight safaris. Don’t forget the Acid… Emotinium II is the stand out for my tastes.


Boomkat states…
Everyone’s favorite comedy-jumper-wearing, analog-abusing acid maestro returns with his long prophesied album for Planet Mu. In the incestuous circle of UK electronica it’s fairly surprising that Ceephax has never released a full album on Mu, but he’s evidently saved some of his best cuts for the label, steering away from pure 303 manipulations to proudly show off his mastery of multiple disciplines ranging from 80’s electro through to eccentric Italo and surging IDM emocore. The 303 is still a force to be reckoned with, making a joyous appearance on the manic ‘Sidney’s Sizzler’, but it’s cuts like the AFXian rush of ‘Castilan’, the woozy Eurojack of ‘Commuter’ or the guillotine snares of the Italo-inspired ‘Topaz’ that make this one of Ceephax’s most coherant and enjoyable efforts to date.


Cedric’s Sonnet
New River Company
Life Funk
Sidney’s Sizzler
Emotinium II
The Celebrity
Arcadian (Castilian II)
Royal Lounge


Here’s a video of him doing it live!!

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Fourth Realm // Patterns Of Visions

Hey friends… I would like to share some music I have made over the past year or so. I would love it if you checked it out. It’s mostly sound scapes, ambiance, and drone-y tunes. Songs about day to day life living in Oakland. Almost all of these songs were created while the sun was setting which explains the dark, ominous feel of my songs. I hope you enjoy the state of mind that these tracks will put you in, or at least help you cope with the day to day struggles of being a human. We live in a world where most people are full of baggage and bad attitudes, often feeling unsatisfied with the world around them. I try hard to be positive but the majority of the time it comes out not as sincere as I planned. I hope to change that in the coming years and I hope you will too. The world can be a better place if we all hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Always progress.


Here are some bonus tunes as well…..

PS if you have a blog and like what you hear please feel free to post it on your site!

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Fool’s Paradise

It’s Friday…You know the drill. Be sure to tune in to this weeks show. Talking points this week will be the 7th year anniversary of the Iraq War, Positive and negative effects of video games, and I’m sure Jonathan Bogus will have something absurd to talk about.

1:30 to 4:00 pm
104.1fm in the greater Berkeley Area
stream it…

I’ve been working on music and getting way to high, not really focusing on the blog. So here is the last 2 weeks episodes and playlist…


week 39..
Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
On A Bayonet (fill music) // Beirut
BTSTU -// Jai Paul
Vampires // Jae R
Boundless Boundaries // Onra
10,000 Watts // J Dilla
Human Nature // Toro Y Moi
Ijere // Dr Adolf Ahanotu
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless {FILL MUSIC} // Infinite Body
fools paradise // zzzzziezik
Sun // Caribou
The Big Ship (FILL MUSIC) // Brian Eno
Round And Round // Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
All The Young Children (Rainbows In Tunnels Mix By LingLing) // Television Personalities
Camera ’84 // Growing
Short Circuit // Daft Punk
Poison // Bell Biv DeVoe
Situation // Yaz
Reindeer Dance (FILL MUSIC) // Rainbro
Space Team (FILL MUSIC) // Bernard Fevre
Me Gustó (Ghosts on Tape Rmx) // Mexicans With Guns
I Saw Eternity The Other Night // Lee Weather
Catamaran // Candy Claws
Cemetaries // Terror Bird
Bradley Bear // Holiday Shores
The Humpty Dance // Digital Underground
yo yo bass // Fateez
The Big Ship (FILL MUSIC) // Brian Eno
36 _02 deshominisation (i) (FILL MUS
Make a resolution // The Impressions
Keepthefunkalive // Devonwho
Gluckskugel // The Race Bruno Spoerri


Week 38..
Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
36 _02 deshominisation (i) // (FILL MUS
Oklahoma // Weed Diamond
What We Know // Pill Wonder
TV Gamma // No Es Nada Importante
Starlight // Risque
Bermuda // Kisses
Jungle Hurt // Mathematiques Modernes
Vapor Trail (fill music) // Crystal Antlers
29 James Burke & Eno // Where to Sta
The Big Ship (FILL MUSIC) // Brian Eno
Rollerskate // Matias Aguayo
Tell You (Today) (Vocal) // Loose Joints
Baby (Clock Opera Remix) // Phenomenal Handclap Band
Helelyos // Zia
Chombo Meringue // Les Aiglons De Basse Terre
L’appareil �à sous // Brigitte Bardot
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless // {FILL MUSIC} Infinite Body
power of the people take 1
Para Bailar Cumbia (El Hijo de la Cumbia remix) // Alika y Nueva Alianza
what kind of leaders are those protest_
we need good teachers that are supporting us
Third Man Theme (FILL MUSIC) // Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley
Onomatopaeia // Human Egg
Galaxy // Running
First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love // Giorgio Moroder
Your Body (Tim Sheridan Remix) // Mike Monday
Transistor (fill music) // Kraftwerk
Across 110th street // Bobby Womack
Victor // Go ON DO IT (radio edit)


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The Zombies – Begin Here

Time to put down your copy of Odessey and Oracle and get your Zombies fix with this album for a change. The British Invasion would not have been the same without those Pop-masters that were The Zombies. Begin Here was proof that The Zombies could swim in the same pool with the likes of The Beatles and The Kinks. Wonderful harmonies and acapella’s roam these 31 tracks (13 of which are bonus tracks). The Zombies obviously had more than just psychedelia up their sleeve. Come see about The Zombies


1. Roadrunner
2. Summertime
3. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
4. Way I Feel Inside
5. Work ‘N’ Play
6. You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
7. She’s Not There
8. Sticks and Stones
9. Can’t Nobody Love You
10. Woman
11. I Don’t Want to Know
12. I Remember When I Loved Her
13. What More Can I Do
14. I Got My Mojo Working
15. You Make Me Feel Good
16. Leave Me Be
17. Tell Her No
18. She’s Coming Home
19. I Must Move
20. Kind of Girl
21. It’s Alright with Me
22. Sometimes
23. Whenever You’re Ready
24. I Love You
25. Is This the Dream
26. Don’t Go Away
27. Remember You
28. Just Out of Reach
29. Indication
30. How Were We Before
31. I’m Going Home

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MARS // Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978

I was first exposed to the madness that is Mars on the excellent No New York compilation that was put together by Brian Eno that showcased some of the best No Wave acts from late 70’s NYC. Impulsive and chaotic, the band Mars only survived two years together playing around 30 gigs and recording only 32minutes of music (all of which is presented on this album). This one is definitely is piece of musical history….like them or not, Mars brought something new to the table.

Here’s what Lydia Lunch had to say about’em:
Static transmissions from a distant dark star. Taking up and tripping out further than the Velvet Underground’s Black Angel Death Song. MARS punished not with blunt force, but with a propulsive agitation which signaled a neurological insanity. A crippled tension swathed in nervous friction. A cavernous musical universe riddled with eerie sound storms whose poisoned atmosphere seduced and threatened. Obtuse and unforgiving. Sickly sexy. Red noise redefining bass urges, forcing the listener to question their own sanity by drilling into ear holes using electroshock guitars as saw blades trepanning into grey matter….


1. 3E
2. 11,000 Volts
3. Helen Fordsdale
4. Hair Waves
5. Tunnel
6. Puerto Rican Ghost
7. N.N. End
8. Scorn
9. Outside Africa
10. Monopoly
11. The Immediate Stages of the Erotic

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Guest Mix 12 // White Car

If you haven’t heard White Car they are an industrial space funk outfit based in Chicago, IL. The duo is comprised of Elon Katz, who writes, records and produces the music and Orion Martin who plays live electronic percussion. We’ve been playing their stuff on Fool’s Paradise every now and again and they noticed! The dudes sent us their EP, so I asked them kindly if they could make us a mix. Sure enough Elon came thru with it. He came up with some nifty album art work too. A+…..!

Here’s what he had to say>>>
i started this one off with a sexy drippy track from Zoolook, the ultimate Jarre album… sampling done so right….then we move to my favorite minimal jam ever, then a new one from George Quartz: the Marcello Mastroianni of Texas…. Zapp & Roger are on the same wavelength as Kraftwerk in this jam…. YMO so often sounds like down-syndrome Depeche Mode, but really they’re just japanese dudes singing in english and they really do write perfect jams…. A Modest Proposal, seems like gang gang dance listened to their records more than once or twice AOK also Short-Term Memory, strangely unique minimal synth jams… squished between those tracks are some maverick jams by Daniel Ash and Tom Ellard… then it’s CV, always good, followed by the superior digital rasta himself, Barrington Levy… ending if off with a forgotten Ministry track a cold wave classic to match the weather and a heart-wrenching chamber jam filled with endless sax solos.

I was way too high when I posted this….here’s the Download!

Be sure to check out their website to learn more!

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Rally Against the Cuts to Education

All across California, education is under attack. Schools are closing. Teachers and staff are being laid off. Fees are skyrocketing as financial aid is being cut. Classes are being canceled and hundreds of thousands of students are being turned away from colleges. Entire programs and electives are being eliminated. Public education is being destroyed. A quality education has become something only the very rich can afford.

And coming from Sacramento, all we hear are cries of more budget deficits, more cuts to education, and an overall deepening of the attacks.

It is time to say enough is enough! California is the wealthiest state in the country; its economy is ranked in the top ten of the entire world. It is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. There is more than enough wealth in California to fully fund education.

In order to stand up to these attacks and demand a quality education for all, we all must come together — students, teachers, workers, parents, from all levels of education, K-12 through the universities. Everyone in the state has a stake in education. If we can come together and organize our power collectively, we have the forces and the numbers to launch a movement across the state to stop these attacks and win quality education for everyone.

Most people in California are being affected by these attacks. We all know people who work in education, who are students, or have kids or neighbors or relatives who are in the California educational system. Our task is to talk to them, organize meetings, share information, start an organizing group at your school, your workplace, your neighborhood.


March 4th, 2010 was the first step and I was out there in solidarity with the teachers, parents, students, and other member of the community to help get this issue noticed. There was plenty of great speeches and and informative hand outs being passed around. I got some interesting photos and video clips. I compiled them for a new addition to the rarely updated video collage section of the blog….


for more information about the cuts to education check out against the cuts!

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V/A “Mitten Ins Ohr”

Another dose of German psych-rock obscurities. Recently the combination of ‘being high’ and ‘Amoeba Music’ has made coming home without a psychedelic compilation damn near impossible. They design these crazy awesome covers knowing full well that anyone who browses through the “Psych-Rock” section is most likely stoned. It’s so easy to be fooled by good artwork, but this time I lucked out again. This is a wonderful appetizer of the German Krautrock-scene. Time to explore.


1. Witthüser & Westrupp – Orienta
2. Jerry Berkers – Es wird morgen vorbei sein
3. Hölderlin – Requiem für einen Wicht
4. Limbus 4 – Dhyana
5. Gila – Aggression
6. Wallenstein – Relics of Past
7. Floh de Cologne – Hey Hallo Stift
8. Guru Guru – Electric Junk
9. Limbus 4 – Heiku
10. Popol Vuh – Aquirre I
11. Mythos – Oriental Journey
12. Bröselmaschine – Lassie
13. Emtidi – Träume
14. Witthüser & Westrupp – Die Schlüsselblume
15. Floh de Cologne – Wir werden immer mehr
16. Annexus Quam – Osmose
17. Anima – How to Dream
18. Guru Guru – Der LSD-Marsch

And for a taste…

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Fool’s Paradise

It’s Friday Friday Friday. Y’all know what that means, another installment of our short wave transmission radio show that we do every week. Be sure to tune in today to hear what we have in store for you! Last week we had an informative show where we talked about Chinese Hackers, the movie Avatars effect in other countries, and gave praise to the Community Rejuvenation Project who goes around beautifying the grimy neighborhoods of Oakland.

Here is the playlist….

Fool’s Paradise // Buddy Holly
Soul Particles // Take
Mingus And Pike // The Ruby Suns
CODE // Jose James
I’m Never Gonna Tell It // Funkadelic
Freddie’s Dead // Curtis Mayfield
France Gall/Laisse Tomber Les Filles Various Artists
36 _02 deshominisation (i) (FILL MUS
Orion’s Belt Buckle // Free the Robots
Cosmic Disco cosmic Rock Excerpt two
Rampage // Whitefield Brothers
Cooley High // Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Ritmo de Juventud (Orion Edit) // orion
Unknown Cumbia Track
Third Man Theme (FILL MUSIC) // Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley
Island Girl // Chase N. Cashe
Moscow 1980 // Javelin
Gold Bricks, I See You // Mosca
Yaylalar // Selda
Détective // Medikao
Rough Frame // The Art Museums
Violin Fill Music // Optimo
Hackers // sophisticated and braisen
What They Wanted To Be Was Useless {FILL MUSIC} Infinite Body
power grids // Hackers
go our seprate ways…health care! HEALTH Care
Visions Of Trees // Through The Trees (fill music)
anti goverment anarchist // Hackers
Vapor Trail (fill music) // Crystal Antlers
Dirty // Acid Eater
Space Woman // Herman’s Rocket
I Wanna Hold You // Charles Albright
Moi je joue // Brigitte Bardot
Upright Citizen // Crass
Jackin’ For Beats // Ice Cube
Transistor (fill music) // Kraftwerk
Neu! // After Eight
I Can’t Make Up My Mind // The Zombies
Vincent Price // Purple Snow
Desert Of Colors // Screen
Persona La Ave // Beache 2
Lighthouse (Youandewan Dub) // dOP
Morgan // Cloud Nothings
Twenty-Nine( fill music) // Pillowdiver
Raincry (Submerged) // God Within


Be sure to tune in today from 1:30 to 4:00 pm on Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 or stream it online from their site….