D-Funk – Funk, Disco & Boogie Grooves From Germany 1972-2002

The conquest of the global music scene leads us to Germany. It’s pretty much what you expect by reading it’s title, full of toe tapping, hip thrusting, martini spillin on the dance floor boogie down tracks. The stuff that only cocaine dealers would have the original vinyl of. The stand out tune for me is this track called Kirschblüte by Veronika Fischer & Band, it’s an instrumental track but absolutely a sunny day anthem.

Here’s what movie grooves had to say:
D-FUNK – what’s in a name?! We give you three words: Deadly! Defunkt! Deutschland! In other words: 30 years of Teutonic Funk Power. D-FUNK presents 18 block-rocking and distinctively eclectic Funk, Disco & Boogie nuggets from Germany that range from sweaty JB-styled grooves, cooking fusion gems, up-tight post-punk funk, to slick urban disco anthems.

It may be an unknown and as yet unexplored territory, but some Krauts certainly knew how to cook up a serious groove and put the D into Funk. Just take The Poets Of Rhythm and The Whitefield Brothers – two groups from Munich that immerged themselves so deep into the rare grooves of James Brown’s People label catalogue that it became part of their DNA. The Whitefield Brothers’ “Rampage” sounds like it was recorded in a funky shack in Louisiana in the late 60s. No wonder that DJ Shadow and Lyrics Born are keen to work with them nowadays. Hamburg’s Lee Armstrong Express and Augsburg’s Twen are cut from the same breed and no less impressive. Stabbing horns, hard poppin’ drums and grinding organs galore. Hit me!

Stop Talking Bull // Discotizer & Supermax
Dancing In The Streets // Boney M.
Kirschblüte // Veronika Fischer & Band
Sweatmajor // Cheeseslider
Jumping // Charly Antolini’s Power Dozen
14 Tage // Fehlfarben
Dispo Funk // Zatopek
Plus Plus // Poets Of Rhythm
Future World // Ganymed
Bolero ‘75 // James Last
Intercontinental Meetings // Andy Minkacz Orchestra
Low Rider // Stolen Property
Rampage // Whitefield Brothers
Bring Deinen Körper Auf Die Party // Family 5
Chicken N Waffles // Lee Armstrong Express
Die 24 Stunden Von Le Mans // Twen
Magic Dance // Su Kramer
War On The Bullshit // Montana Chromeboy


2 thoughts on “D-Funk – Funk, Disco & Boogie Grooves From Germany 1972-2002

  1. juan laya says:

    An Exquisite Selection of Rare Groove by Juan Laya

  2. Lucy Almeida says:

    Thank you very much for this outstanding compilation! I was looking for it for quite some time already, finally found it here. Super!!!!! Thank you, thank you again!

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