Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label

Flams and paradiddles. Rims shots and triplets. Slithering and skittering. A sound born in the shoulder holstered bass and snare drums, eighteen inch crash symbols, and split drenched French horns of Florida A&M University’s Incomparable Marching 100 band. A sound that could only be made by a bunch of hook blade-slinging, middle school-teaching, coed-trapping thugs. This is the Deep City sound.
-excerpt from album notes

One reason why living in the East Bay is so awesome is because wonderful old soul, funk, R&B is always in high demand in these here parts of California. That being said…the record stores around here come through and have huge selections of all these wonderful new compilations like Eccentric Soul or the “Funk Special” series. Basically all of the Eccentric Soul Cd’s are worth buying but this one in particular is beyond fantastic, especially the Helene Smith tracks….hot damn!

Link: Eccentric Soul – The Deep City Label

1. Am I a Good Man – Them Two
2. Someone to Fulfill My Needs – The Moovers
3. I Am Controlled by Your Love – Helene Smith
4. I Don’t Need Help – Dynamites, Johnny K. Killen
5. Stay Away from My Johnny – Freda Gray, Rocketeers
6. Thrills and Chills – Helene Smith
7. Paralyzed – Betty Wright
8. I Love You Baby – The Moovers
9. Pain in My Heart – Helene Smith
10. Upset – Paul Kelly
11. One Little Dance – The Moovers
12. Good Lovin’ – Betty Wright
13. Willing and Able – Helene Smith
14. It’s My Baby – Paul Kelly
15. You Got to Do Your Share – Helene Smith
16. Good Thing, Pt. 1 – Rocketeers, , Frank Williams
17. Darling I’ll Go [Extended Play] – The Moovers

Here’s some Betty Wright for a tease…

And the amazing Helene Smith…

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