Weed Diamond

I’ve been listening to this Demo a lot lately, it’s too good not to share. A project of Denver native Tim Perry. When I think of Denver I don’t really think of music; I think of the Denver Nuggets, dense forest, snow, and Lumber Jacks. This demo changed that. Weed Diamond is full of great stoney lo-fi pop songs. Kinda reminiscent of Best Coast, only with a dude. It sounds like Transparent is going to put out some 7″ EPs for the dude, so stay tuned to for that.

Here’s what Chocolate Bobka had to say:

What separates Weed Diamond from the ever increasing crop of lo-fi guitar acts ruffling in the bedroom punk/pop scene is his uncanny knack for melody. Sure, Tim knows a thing or two about lacing incessant herb references in his song titles (“Stevie Wonder is TOOOO HIGH,” “WAAAAY to much Purple,” “Let’s Burn One Down”), but what he’s really good at is getting to the heart of a song. The songs on Weed Diamond’s demo are not shrouded in layer upon layer of incandescent fuzz, nor blips, bleeps and bips, and while they are certainly lo-fi and the vocals are, well, barely audible, the tunes feel like echoes of songs I first heard in Peggy Sue Got Married. “Nothing To Write Home About,” whose “Teen Angel” melody is as instantly recognizable as it is charming, relies heavily on ancient, interwoven prom riffs, which tumble under the sea as a placid synth and dreamy xylophone take the tune for a stroll down lover’s lane. At the ridge at the end of the lane, “Nothing to Write Home About” dissolves into soothing blend of bells and whistles, until nothing is left but a single drum beat, the encapsulation of a prom night that everyone knows will not last forever.

Walk Away
Let’s Burn One Down
WAAAAY Too Much Purple
Mr. Vacant Stare
Nothing to Write Home About
Stevie Wonder is TOOOO HIGH


This is what they had on their influence section on myspace.. haha

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