Rod Modell – Incense & Black Light

So this morning I came across a new Loscil track on the great blog NO CONCLUSION. I’m was pretty excited to hear new material since last year’s EP was pretty damn noteworthy. Anyway, while listening to the new track from the ambient/joyful noise band while walking in the rain…I couldn’t help but think of the wonderful sounds of Detroit’s Rod Modell/DeepChord. DeepChord (label run by Rod M.) is responsible for lots of the great minimal techno/deep house coming out Detroit for the past few years. This is Rod Modell’s 2007 album that boasts a mix of low filter beats, “crisp” static, synthetic analog baths, and lush lightbeam melodies….basically makes you feel like you can fly. I think if Tim Hecker was from Detroit and made techno/deep house it would sound like this.

Here’s some more words by XLR8R:
In the same rarefied vein of Porter Ricks’ Arctic sounds, inhuman techno throbs on Rod Modell’s Incense & Black Light. With Incense, the man behind Deepchord (and half of Echospace) plunges even deeper into the techno-dub void. This album is so icy and tar-on-coal dark, your brain will get frostbite listening to it (check the gyroscopically demonic “Temple”). “Aloeswood” sets the tone with muffled 4/4 kicks scudding like walruses over tundra while glaciers crackle in a polar cave. “Body Sonic” allows slivers of sunlight into the tenebrous mix; it’s one of the few cuts among the 10 here that’s more about moving asses than paralyzing limbs.


01 Aloeswood
02 Hotel Chez Moi
03 Body Sonic
04 Cloud Over
05 Temple
06 Ultraviolet World
07 Subway
08 Red Light
09 Into Day
10 Morning Again

Here’s a fan-made video for Hotel Chez Moi

And what the hell, peep some DeepChord…amazing.

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