Funk Spectrum: real funk for real people

I meant to put his up last night but because my body wasn’t used to the amount of beer that was consumed, I ended up just passing out. So to pay homage to the Gurp City homies, who got down to a bunch of Soul and Funk music last night, I will share a great comp I found a while back called Funk Spectrum. I probably played each of these tracks twice on Fool’s Paradise. I was surprised to find out that Josh Davis is DJ Shadow. Weird.

Here’s pretty much the only review I found for this album:
A virtual primer in old-school funk that assembles 20 tracks likely familiar to only the most diligent of rare groove collectors. According to Davis’ liner notes, the omission of artist credits from the sleeve is in homage to the code of B-boy secrecy, although it makes the disc damn hard to critique; that said, the opening “Party Time” conjures the spirit of James Brown to uncanny perfection, “Let’s Do It Today” could be a lost Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Band track, and “Clap Your Hands” imagines an alternate reality where the Jackson 5 comprised sisters, not brothers. Darge’s ten selections are excellent as well, most of them slavish in their devotion to the genius of James Brown — some are actual covers (Lou Pride’s up-tempo reading of the perennial “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”) and some are just mirror images (Ricky Caloway’s “Tell Me,” with its “Good God!” interjections), but all boast the funk in spades. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

1. Part Time – Masters
2. Lets Do It Today (Procrastination) – The US
3. Do It Again – Deep Heat
4. Dead Don’t Die Alive, The (Part One) – 4th Coming
5. Getting Down For Xmas – Milly & Silly
6. Road, The – Communicators & The Beb
7. Mr Chicken Shit – The Soul Seven
8. Clap Your Hands – Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets
9. Butter That Popcorn – RDM Band
10. Whats Going On? – Mr Clean & The Soul Inc.
11. Can’t Stop Now – Mr Magic
12. It’s a Man’s World – Lou Pride
13. Every Man For Himself – Road Runners
14. Tell Me – Ricky Caloway
15. It Ain’t Fun But It’s Fun – Fabulous Originals
16. Backtalk – The 2nd Ammendement Band
17. Mr Machine – The Chefs
18. Who’s the King – Joseph Henry
19. We Oughta Get Together – Professor Leit & Strudy
20. World, The – Sandi & Matues


If you like this album, check out this movie….

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