Guest Mix #9 // Lucky Dragons

After weeks and weeks of asking and reminder emails Luke Fischbeck came thru with an awesome mix. It proves that persistence pays off. Much appreciated considering the dude has been on tour pretty much all of last year and it looks like twenty-ten is going to be a busy one as well.

According to Luke the mix is completely, randomly, assorted things nothing fancy. I asked him the theme of the mix and he said…it rained for like ten days in a roww!!!

With that said, here is the mix….

Salvation and Reminiscing – Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Pissing In A River – Patti Smith
Mildly Skeeming – Soft Verdict
lift-ekko-puls-puls – lift-ekko-puls-puls
romance adieu – Thomas Voburka
MISEN Gymnastics – Oorutaichi
Dance For The Sacrifice – Chimbuck Murung
Samuel Coleridge Afield – Javelin
por medio de la lectura – Los Amparito
Sunshine – Infinite Body
The Plum Blossom – Yusef Lateef
Some Are – Avocet
Musique Cinétique – PierreBastien
Triangle Walks – Fever Ray
Sem Boys – Zoviet France
Kreintoj – Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar
Danza alta – de la Torre
El Fantasma / La Maquila – Los Macuanos
Sonne stat reagan – Joseph Beuys

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One thought on “Guest Mix #9 // Lucky Dragons

  1. Jeffrey Benz says:

    Great article, thanks!

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