Tumbele! – Biguine, Afro and Latin sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963-74

I got this album to hear what Haitian music was like during the mid 60’s and 70’s, it’s pretty great. Reminiscent of Tropicalia music from Brazil. Definitely sunny day music. I’ve been missing the blue sky’s since its been raining a bunch lately, but today looks like its going to be nice out. As with most Latin music the percussion and vocals are what make it great.

here’s what xlr8r had to say:
In the landscape of re-released indigenous pop, the Caribbean sticks up like Mount McKinley—the briefest trend from the tiniest island can quickly be deemed box-set-worthy. Yet throughout all those calypso/ska/soca/reggae/etc. compilations, Soundway Records has managed to come up with something not only original, but exciting to chin-stroker and rump-shaker alike. Tumbélé! collects music from Francophonic islands such as Guadeloupe and Martinique that slinks Paris-café style while still shaking with Afro-Latin rhythms. Highlights include Raphael Zachille’s “Manzè Mona,” with languid horns gliding over a driving beat, and Lola Martin’s “Edamise Oh!,” which, like so many tracks on Tumbélé!, is as ready for the floor today as it was four decades ago.

01. Jeunesse Vauclin – Barel Coppet et Mister Lof
02. Jet Biguine – Les Loups Noirs D’Haïti
03. Pas O Soué La – Abel Zénon
04. Manzè Mona – Raphaël Zachille
05. Henri Te Vlé Mayé – Robert Mavounsy Quartet
06. La Vie Critique – L’Orchestre Jeunesse de Paul-Emile Haliar
07. Mussieu A Têt’a Poisson La – Orchestre Combo Zombi et Michel Yéyé
08. Oriza – Les Kings
09. Colas-la – Claude Rolcin et Le West Indian Combo
10. Ti Fi La Ou Té Madam’ – Anzala, Dolor, Vélo
11. D’Leau Coco – Les Leopards
12. Jojo – Ensemble La Perfecta
13. Dima Bolane – Le Ry-co Jazz
14. Edamise Oh! – Lola Martin
15. Chombo Meringue – Les Aiglons de Basse Terre
16. Son Tambou La – Les Gentlemens
17. Chonga – L’Ensemble Abricot
18. Fileo – Francisco
19. Panty – Monsieur Dolor et Les Guitar Boys
20. Jean Fouillé, Pie Fouillé – Robert Loison

Get it here!

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One thought on “Tumbele! – Biguine, Afro and Latin sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963-74

  1. joshua says:

    amazing music! thanks so much for this!

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