Tussle- Telescope Mind

So the dudes from tussle have a new album coming out soon on Smalltown Supersound, I’m pretty excited for that. Telescope Mind is an album they put out in 2006 full of dark synth tones and disco drums. With four members playing with samplers, synthesizers, multiple effects processors, bass guitars, and various percussion instruments the music is reminiscent to Liquid Liquid minus vocals.

Here is what prefix mag had to say:

There’s no way around it: Tussle is strictly about cerebral, ass-shaking grooves. The members of this San Francisco quartet exposed this dedication on their mysterious 2004 debut, Kling Klang, an instrumental record — similar to Out Hud’s debut — that derived its funkiness from the forefathers of Krautrock, post-punk, dub and minimal techno. Released during a time when the spastic joy of the Rapture’s Echoes was becoming a bit outplayed and before LCD Soundsystem began playing in your house, Tussle’s effortless refinement of improvised jams gave indie kids a new reason to dance. Two years have passed, and the crew has gone through a significant lineup change. But the grooves still take the spotlight on the band’s sophomore album, ushering in an exciting release that is downright fun (how often can you say that about instrumental music?) and a welcome return to uncontrived instrumental rhythms.

And the keyword here is rhythm. The group is made up entirely of a rhythm section: two drummers, one bass guitarist, one electronics expert, and all four handling various percussion, from cymbals to cowbells, buckets to bicycle wheels. For a band that focuses so heavily on tasty bass lines, the loss of original bassist Andy Cabic last year to Devendra Banhart’s supporting band and his own solo project, Vetiver, would seem overwhelming. But the band has seamlessly shifted around, with original drummer Alexis Georgopoulos switching over to bass and Warren Huegel taking over on drums. Sonically, I doubt anyone would notice any alterations, and better yet, the reformed lineup exposes a group that is tighter and more accessible.

1 Lyre
2 Warning
3 Second Guessing
4 Kindermusik
5 Cloud Melodie
6 Elephants
7 The Story Of Meteorites
8 Flicker/33.3
9 Invisible City
10 Trappings
11 Cloud Melodie II
12 Pow!

I present you with, Tussle- Telescope Mind

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