Jamie Felton

One Must Go, One Must Stay

So Jamie hooked us up with some art in the early days of thizz.face.disco. She re-did her site, so we lost some pictures and I fell off on asking artist if we could post their work on the blog. Now I’m starting to get back on it. Yee!

With that said I present you with Jamie Felton

Isolated by Vacillation

artist statement:
I approach my work almost as a diary, admitting to my own failures and referencing personal events in my life. I am attempting to create personal narratives. The artist hand plays a significant role in my work. I believe it makes a more sincere and interesting gesture. The flat map-like style of paint handling displays a lighthearted tone which functions as an entrée point for the viewer. I use collage as an outlet to create unconventional spaces. My process is based on a reaction of marks. This cause and effect way of making lends its self to surprise. The unexpected juxtapositions of objects and non-sequitar motives are humorous and confusing. I am attempting to work in mediums, which include painting, drawing, and installations to tell a coherent narrative of these imaginative places and ideas that parallel with my own life.

With that said I asked Jamie about her influences, television, and new things in the works…

Just the Two of Us

MM:So do you watch much television and is pop culture a source of influence on your art work?
JF: Pop culture, kitsch objects, yes they all seem to seep into my work, even though its not intentional and not completely obvious. I think I am more interested in how much power and weight a pop culture reference in a piece holds when its juxtaposed to other objects.

For example:
a blue tarp has so much history. We know what that object is used for and what it does, and where it can be found. But, when one uses this tarp in a completely different way… what happens?

So I think pop culture is a neat tool on your Adobe Photoshop tool bar.

We Were Safe, We Were Fine, and We Were Perfect

JF:In one of my projects “My Boy Collection, My Cactus Collection” It has thirty cactus labeled with all my crushes from 1986-2009, which includes all the members of N’sync, Hanson, Blink 182, Bob Ross, Kanye West, but its also mixed with my real and current crushes in my life.

I try to approach my work with all the honesty I can give, but sometimes the only thing that comes out is Chris Isaak (Wicked Game) lyrics.

JF:So yes.. I watch a fare amount of television, and listen to my Mariah Carey on repeat. I wish I made more time in my life to chill out and watch more television.

MM: Any installations soon? New Projects?
JF: I will be having a show at Lobot Gallery, in Oakland, CA (Jan. 30th) I am also working on a video installation project with my friend Tucker Bennett, involving 14ft of Mariah Carey lyrics and love candles.

It’s all about those love candles!

Sweet! Be sure to check Jamie out some other places on the interwebz….


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