Mondo Cane

My first exposure to the 60’s ‘shockumentary’ Mondo Cane was a while back when my friend Schroeder came by my work at the video store and found a VHS copy of it tucked away in the Cult Classics section. He watched it and then hyped it to me for weeks knowing that I’m usually a fan of stunningly absurd films with great soundtracks. And I’ll admit I was a bet hesitant, one of my “movie snob” moments. But soon enough I whipped out my VCR and experienced the strangeness that is Mondo Cane. The film is basically a “series of travelogue vignettes providing glimpses into cultural practices throughout the world intended to shock or surprise.” At times you can’t tell if what you’re watching is real or staged. Crazy locations, the footage is outrageous, the music is very theater-esque, and I thought it was pretty fascinating either way. Ha, my other friend and co-worker John says this is fake and boring piece of shit…everyone has their own opinion. Go see for yourself, they’re on DVD. The film was done by Italian filmmakers Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti, and Franco Prosperi and it spawned 5 sequels and the start of the Mondo Film exploitation documentary franchise. Strange stuff.

Click HERE for the soundtrack.

And for a little glimpse of Mondo Cane…

And the sequel…

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