American Killing Machines

In the age of brilliant technological advances there is always a dark side. Recently, I have been reading a lot about the use of robotics in war zones as of 2008 there are 12,000 robots used on the battle field, 2 years later who knows how many are used. You would think that with all the brain power it takes to engineer a robot the people behind them would want to produce robots for the good of mankind.

Here is a video I found on that topic on Ted

Here are some other tests in the works…Scary!

Lockheed Martin MULE
Customer: U.S. Army ordered more than 1700 for 15 brigades, a potential human-to-robot ratio of 29:1 | Deployment: Ready for combat as early as 2014 | Models: Half will be armed; the rest will clear minefields and haul gear | Cargo capability: 1800 to 2000 pounds | Weapons: Four antitank Javelin missiles and a turret-mounted M240 machine gun.

built by Carnegie Mellon, is equipped with smoke generators and grenade launchers. Marine Corps officials say they will field-test the latest, 1-ton version this year.

This shit is ridiculous.

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