Science Fiction Dance Party

The album notes say “Krautrock meets lesbian vampire Horrortica and Easy Listening meets Psychedelia”, and that is probably the best way to describe this mutant concoction. I bought this CD on a whim, but I figured…Sci-Fi…Dance Party…how could I go wrong? Turns out, album is pretty damn satisfying, lots of great German Pop instrumentals that have horror movie samples instead of vocals a lot of the time. Some have a murder mystery vibe and others have you dancing on Mars. Yup, Sci-Fi Fuzz.

Link: Science Fiction Dance Party

1. The End Of A Robot
2. Monster On Saturn 1
3. Visitors Of A.D 2022
4. Galactic Adventures Of The Outer Space Fleet ‘Hope’
5. Hit Parade In The Light Year 25
6. The Whistling Astronaut
7. Murder In The Space Station
8. Flirtation On Venus
9. Dance On Mars
10. Man Out Of A Test Tube
11. Just Walking On The Moon
12. Death Rays Out Of The Universe
13. Racing Motion
14. Industry Computer
15. In A Siamese Temple
16. Souk El Juma

Since we’re on the subject, here’s some sci-fi in reality, new species…I think so.

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  1. […] Words cannot describe this song. Full description a (possible) download link HERE. […]

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