White Car EP

So Mike stumbled upon this band a few months ago and decided to share them with us on the radio show. He had gotten a hold of the track “The Bridge”, which presses all the right buttons when it comes to industrial dance music(think Ministry/Cabaret Voltaire….not Nine Inch Nails). Now months later, word has come of the proper release of the White Car EP. It will be available Feb. 16 on 12″vinyl (limited 500 copies) and also digital download thru Rainbow Body Records. This one’s creepy as hell…spookster vocals, lots of heavy breathing, dark wave synths, and drums ready to hypnotize…killer EP. Are gothic techno clubs comin back?

Here’s some words by Rainbow Body Records:
White Car is an industrial space funk outfit based in Chicago, IL. The duo is comprised of Elon Katz, who writes, records and produces the music and Orion Martin who plays live electronic percussion. The music utilizes classic heavy hitting EBM rhythms and early digital synthesis while integrating ideas of pop sensibility, post-punk funk and minimal synth music.

1. A Figure In the Dark
2. Not Right (Own Master)
3. Heart’s Hymn
4. The Bridge

Download the track NOT RIGHT (OWN MASTER)
Stream various other tracks on their Myspace.

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