Golf Channel – Try To Find Me Vol. 2

Me: So…Do you know anything about this CD?
(I show it to the “Go-to-Guy” for electronic/dance music at the SF Ameoba for his opinion seeing as how mixCD’s with cool covers but with no artist or playlist can be deceiving)

Go-to-Guy: Aaahhh yesss…….Straight Up Cocaine Disco!

Me: Awha?!
(My eyes light up)

Go-to-Guy: Some killer obscure disco edits mixed to perfection with cool effects, very druggy night club feel at times but this things super hott! I love this shit.
(Then he preceded to school me about the NY label Golf Channel)

Sorry….Link was removed upon request

Here’s what Turntable Lab had to say:
Golf Channel is killing it right now. You already know about their top notch 12″ releases, but this mix cd is up there as one of the better disco/dance mixes I’ve heard in awhile (and I hear a lot of them). NY DJ/musician Justin Vandervolgen is behind the decks here (and the edits) and totally makes you feel like you’re at the best underground party the NY scene has to offer. The mix kicks things off with some mind melting disco funk, then seamlessly flows into deep disco soul grooves, killer house grooves, raw italo, proto-house, and back again to the disco for just under an hour of mix heat. There’s a tracklist, but no original artists are mentioned since as the title suggests, these are not your average, easy to find grooves (try to find ’em!). Only the choicest cuts make the mix here, and you’ll love every second of it. Big Recommendation.


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4 thoughts on “Golf Channel – Try To Find Me Vol. 2

  1. phil south says:

    please can you take this down, we still have the cd for sale, this won’t help.
    great that you like it and once we’re sold out I dont mind, but right now it is a little wrong.

    • Lucio says:

      Isn’t it a little wrong that you guys are fucking making money selling music that isn’t even yours in the first place?!
      Is this a fucking joke or something!?

  2. thizzfacedisco says:


  3. lloyd says:

    Hey any chance you could send me the link for this? ive been after it for about a year and no one will mail me the cd as i live in a very remote area

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