Berlin 61-89: Wall of Sound

So I think we can all agree when it comes to music from the 60’s-80’s, Germany had it goin on. It was the birthplace of the “Electronic Revolution”, which pretty much changed the world of sound. And tons of these new sounds were coming from the sometimes dysfunctional city of Berlin (minus good ol’ Kraftwerk who’s from Düsseldorf). Come see about these Berliners and how they helped further the advancement of music. This is definitely one for your brain archives.

Berlin 61 – 89 / Wall Of Sound is not an ordinary compilation. It is closer to a concept album, referring both to a chapter in History and a musical assemblage which resounds like a continental echo to Phil Spector’ s American pop Wall of Sound. In this make-belief soundtrack, avant-garde rock and futuristic pop express themselves, sometimes spangled with cabaret reminiscences and veiled with the ghost of Kurt Weill. Extreme and intense music, concocted during those three decades « at the foot of the Wall » and in front of it by creators who love danger and risk taking. -le maquis’s blog

Here’s the Tracklist…
Disc 1: West Side
1. The Young Gods – Salamon Song
2. Nina Hagen – Born in Xixax
3. Agitation Free – Rücksturz
4. Malaria – Your Turn To Run
5. Amonn Düül II – A Morning Excuse
6. Irmin Schmidt/Bruno Spoerri – Rapido De Noir
7. Can – Thief
8. Neu! – After Eight
9. Electric Sandwich – China
10. Cluster – Hollywood/ II
11. Nico – Reich Der Träume
12. Brainticket – The Space Between
13. Jane – Love Song
14. Edgar Frose – A Dali-esque Sleep Fuse
15. Harmonia – When Shade Was Born

Disc 2: East Side
1. Faust – The Sad Skinhead
2. Harmonia – Vamos Companeros
3. Neu! – Lila Angel
4. Die Krupps – Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn
5. Kraan – Die Maschine
6. MDK – Berlin 36
7. Cluster – Caramel
8. Die Tödliche Doris – Der Astronaut Und Der Kosmos
9. Palais Schaumburg – Telefon
10. The Front – Polaroid
11. Liaisons Dangereuses – Dupont
12. Einstürzende Neubauten – Yu-Gung
13. Nina Hagen – Cosma Shiva
14. The Young Gods – Speak Low
15. Can – Future Days

Links: Disc 1 (West Side) and Disc 2 (East Side)

Check out the awesome live version of Telefon by Palais Schaumburg below:

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