PLAID//Not for Threes

While searching the CD binders, I came a cross this album and realized how much I liked it and thought I’d share. If you didn’t know this album is fantastic, by far my favorite from London based duo. This album was released in 97 by Warp, minus having Bjork on tracks (That’s signature nineteen ninety’s), it sounds like it could of been released today.

The synth tones, atmospheres, and melodies that these dudes make are amazing. The electronic music pioneers have released 8 albums since Not for Threes and have one in the workings. Super stoked to hear what they have in store for us. FER is my pick for the stand out track on this album, I am all about the added percussion at the end of the track. It’s perfect rainy day island music, but I think that is a common theme for the album. haha.



I saw them play a while back at the Mezzanine in SF, it was a spectacular combination of visual euphoria, sonic blessings, and a raging dance party. I loved it. These veteren masters of MIDI and electronics have not lost their touch.

Here are some pretty noises they made for the sound track for HEAVENS DOOR

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