Psych Funk 101

Really now, when you combine a dash of psychedelic rock and a touch of funk, there’s really know way that the outcome will be bad.

Stones Throw Had a little to say on that topic…

These forces combined by bands happy to incorporate folk music and improvisational elements from other musical forms, lead to an amazing body of work still being unearthed by researchers the world over – and still capable of inspiring new investigations into shapes of rhythm.

With that said, this compilation is pretty amazing! The people who compiled it found the psych funk gemz from around the world and presented them in a great package. In the liner notes there was a comprehensive run down of all the tracks and pictures of the album covers that songs came from. It also touches on a few countries that I have never heard music from, it went to Nigeria, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and South Korea. I was excited to hear what traditional instruments were going to be incorporated and stoked with the outcome.

This track is one of my favorites. Kim Sun is known as the Korean Godfather of Rock n Roll and is often compared to Elvis. At his peak he was as popular as Elvis in South Korea. He made tracks that fell along the lines of Jimi Hendrix when it came to killer psychedelic guitar riffs, Dick Dale with surf style songs, and Brian Wilson with superb song writing ability. Amazing!

This is my pick for best album cover from the liner notes. haha. YEE!


download it!

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