John Fell Ryan….Guest Mix Numero 5

For Round 5 of the Guest Mixes, John Fell Ryan of Excepter compiled us this here 63 minutes of wonder. One reason why this mix is amazing because at times you feel like you’re in that crazy night club from Robocop …..or maybe the one from Liquid Sky. Then by the end you’re in a Space Elevator to the Moon. Plus there is all these joyful synth noises and funk stylings peppered throughout the mix, never a dull moment. He even included the tracklist with short notes about each of the tracks, sweet….

Link: John Fell Ryan Guestmix

John Fell Ryan Guestmix Jan 2010
00:00 “Body Double” – Pino Donaggio
(theme from DePalma classic of same name)
03:22 “Reach Out” – Blake Baxter
(with production assist from Moritz Von Oswald)
10:00 “Sound of Stereo” – Model 500
(fave boogie twelve from Mr. Juan Atkins)
16:47 “Build a Fire” – The KLF
(“The White Room” OST version)
21:47 “Funky Evil Reggae” – Bohannon
(Excepter once had a turntable on stage just to drop this track in the set)
26:50 “The Thirteen Question Method” – Chuck Berry
(there are only seven questions asked by my count, but hey)
29:01 “Let Her Dance” – The Bobby Fuller Four
(if only Buddy Holly lived long enough to drink gasoline by moonlight)
31:30 “CIA Man” – The Fugs
(1980s live vers used by Coen Bros in credits of Burn Before Reading)
34:39 “Double Barrel Prayer” – Diamanda Galas
(They know when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake.)
39:27 “MRA” – The Brotherhood of Breath
(I went into a record store asking for White Africans playing Black Music and this is what they gave me.)
44:20 “The Flower Lady and Her Assistant” – Seeds
(My favorite tune by the late, great Sky Sunlight Saxon)
47:47 “Dank Je Sanne” – La! Neu?
(The full title of this is “Dank Je Sanne For Not Erasing The Tune of Dank Je Sanne” and if you are in the business of improvising singing together with live electronics, you will understand the gratitude expressed to the recorders when things go right like this. Klaus Dinger may have died alienated from his Kosmiche brothers for his bloody-mindedness, but his heart was always beating in the right direction, as this track from 1997 proves in spades.)

Wish I could have made it longer to include free jazz tamboura section, but maybe for another time-JFR

I personally can’t get enough of this track:

And don’t forget Excepter has a NEW ALBUM called Presidence due out on Feb.16 on Paw Tracks. You can Pre-Order the album HERE. Also, don’t forget to check out SETH which is John Fell Ryan’s solo project, watch the video for the track “Mr. Lee” below:

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One thought on “John Fell Ryan….Guest Mix Numero 5

  1. Dope! Can’t make it to the free Excepter show tonight, unfortunately… gonna listen to this instead. Thanks!

    – E

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