Fool’s Paradise wk 30

It’s been 30 weeks since the first show… I cant believe it, we’ve been on it for a while. This week we came a lot more organized and together than the last show, the new years hung over spectacular(we won’t embarrass our selves and post that one). Anyways, we had our normal dose of world jamz, disco, a fair share of indie rock tunes, and other oddities to round out the show. Eloi and I promise to bring some new segments for the show next week. It was a day for a sipping coffee and smoking joints, the music sounds like it. I guarantee your ears will enjoy it.

Here’s the playlist, yo!

All Music (FILL MUSIC) – All
14 Neo Violence (Shazam Remix) – The Tough Alliance
Accusations (Gavin Russom Remix) – The Juan MacLean
We Got It Like That – Secondo
Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix) – Bostro Pesopeo
Reaction Dub (fill music) – Revolutionaries
We Want Our Things – Nite Jewel
tractor man – ariel pink
Dream For Your Bathwater – Terror Bird
02 Soft Denial – Millionyoung
L’Uccello Magico (FILL MUSIC) – Nino Rota
Disco Balls – Flying Lotus
00/346 & 00/380 (Dandy Jack & The Queen Of Mars Remix) – Conrad Schnitzler
Vitamin – Powell
Hai Samurai – Yellow Power
Bob (FILL MUSIC) – Black Dice
Need Your Love – Michael and the Mumbles
Welcome To The Party – Har-You Percussion Group
Third Man Theme – Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley
Oh! Love of Life – Albert Ayler
Renaissance Theme (fill music) – DatA
Track 10 – Super Value Super Manifesto (Special Edits)
Wompe Masem – The African Brothers International Band
You Bet I Would – The Ronettes
Track 11 – ???? from Eric’s Dice mix VOL XV
Il Pinguino (FILL MUSIC) – Ennio Morricone
Rom Sue Sue! – Liev Tuk
Come On – The Chocolate Watchband
Hootchy Cootchy Man – The Plague
A Day In Heaven – Television Personalities
Scented Wind – The Sounds Of Love …A To Zzzz
Dress Rehearsal – Dead Mellotron
In My Room – Best Coast
The Glad Fact – Dirty Projectors
The Day The Rain Came Down – Felt
SONG 1 by Luke A (fill music) – Candy Claws
No Regrets – Black Devil
What You Are – Gary War
Hormone – Growing
No Barrier Fun – Liars
Smoke The Milk – Knyfe Hyts
intervales theme (FILL MUSIC) – Javelin
Whispering Bells – The Del-Vikings
Stay (Just A Little Bit Longer) – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Night and Day (FILL MUSIC) – Raymond Scott
Im Not – Panda Bear

get it here!


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